‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Shades Anthony Vanelli

Unexpected star Max Schenzel got himself a really bad rep, and now he shaded Anthony Vanelli. Frankly, TLC fans think he’s got a lot of cheek. After all, Max is hardly the best example of an upright citizen. Bear in Mind, Max is familiar with the inside of jail cells. The shade came when Max finally caught up with the news that Anthony ended up arrested for shooting at a house.

Unexpected – Max Schenzel mocks Anthony Vanelli, fans slap him down

We reported in January, that Anthony, Rilah Ferrer’s baby daddy landed up arrested again. And it’s probably not going to be an easy road with courts this time as it allegedly involved a gun crime. Later, it emerged that he shot at his uncle’s house. Anthony also had previous brushes with the law. And Starcasm revealed that Anthony seemingly faced a big task of staying squeaky-clean. Meanwhile, Max Schenzel repeatedly claims that he stays sober and clean from addictions. But Unexpected fans don’t believe him.

You might recall that Max appeared in the TLC show with a string of issues. He previously got involved in drug addiction and credit card crimes. He attended rehab but failed several times. Recently, he shared on Instagram, “The past has been rough but let’s leave that where it belongs.” Well, Chloe Mendoza seems unlikely to forgive Max Schenzel for his treatment of her and their baby. In fact, her mom, Jessica slammed him and claims he’s still not sober. The Unexpected star repeatedly claims he’s over his addictions and in his shading of Anthony he said as much again.

People in glass houses – TLC fans put Max down

On February 27, @tlc.unexpectedtea shared a story that Max Schenzel posted up on Instagram. He shared a clipping of Anthony Vanelli and the shooting incident. In his caption, he wrote, “LMAO WTF. People give me sh-t when I’ve been sober for a year. But one of the other guys from the show is lowkey shooting up houses.” For effect, the Unexpected bad-boy added a lot of crying with laughter emojis. And fans seemed unimpressed.

Here’s what some fans said about Max throwing shade at Anthony:

  • “Manipulative narcissists love deflecting 🙄 Max’s actions dont have sh-t to do w Anthony. you literally abused your daughter and baby mom. Foh 🙄.”
  • “Take a drink every time max says ‘I’ve been sober for a year.”
  • “Is he really out there talking about other people💀.”
  • “Max one abuser is not better than the other. Were not giving you sh-t just for your drug addiction, we’re giving you sh-t because you laid hands on your baby and the mother of your child while on drugs [SIC].”
Unexpected - Max Schenzel Shades Anthony Vanelli
Credit: Max Schenzel via @tlc.unexpectedtea | Instagram

Plenty of Unexpected fans chimed in their thoughts on Max Schenzel shading other cast members. It seems many of them think Max shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

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