Evie-K Brush Delights ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

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Evie-K Brush seems like a delightful child and fans adore the cute little daughter of Maddie Brown. For many Sister Wives fans, it feels like she only just arrived on Planet Earth. But, in real life, Evie’s already nearly 18 months old. She toddles and smiles, and plays confidently now. Meeting all her milestones, the grandchild of Kody Brown seems quite active despite her false foot.

Evie-K Brush grows up and TLC fans fall in love with her

We reported that Maddie Brown noticed that her daughter seemingly picks up something of her own personality. Well, Maddie seems like a very strong person, and many Sister Wives fans admire her so much. She raises her two kids, Axel and Evie, studies, and takes care of the home. But she and Caleb made some difficult decisions after the birth of Evie-K Brush.

You probably already know that Caleb and Maddie opted for a Boyd amputation so their daughter could get her false foot fitting. They believed that the surgery would give her a better quality of life. And certainly, the cute kid looks happy and healthy these days. On February 27, Maddie shared a very sweet photo f her daughter. Dirty, she nevertheless looked very pleased with herself. Many TLC fans thought the picture of Evie-K Brush was delightful.

Delightful photo of Maddie’s daughter

The photo that Maddie shared on Saturday revealed her daughter wearing a cute top with hearts on it. Smeared with mud, she clearly enjoyed herself very much, In her caption, Maddie said, “Sunshine, outdoors, mud pies and giggles! Best kind of Saturday! 🌞” From the mud on her face, Evie-K Brush probably thought that mud pies tasted delicious. Some Sister Wives fans related their own experiences with kids eating mud pies.

One TLC fan commented, “Oh she looks so happy and healthy. Reminds me of my daughter making mud pies and eating them she said they tasted yum. Says a lot for my cooking. Well done maddie and Hubby she’s having a ballπŸ˜‚.” And one Evie-K Brush fan noted, “Why do kids eat mud but throw a fit about actual food? Just my kids?! πŸ˜‚”

Meanwhile, other fans agree that a bit of dirt never really hurts kids. A follower noted, “Awww cutie. Some of the best days end with the dirtiest clothes πŸ€—.” And another fan said, “This girl!! She is adorable Madi!! The dirt is such a magical touch to her cuteness!!! β€οΈπŸ˜„β€οΈ πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž.”

Others just agree that Evie-K Brush seems like a delightful kid. A fan wrote, “You have such beautiful children! They generate so much light. No doubt they get that from their parents!!”

Evie-K Brush Delights Sister Wives Fans
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

Do you agree that’s very nice to see Maddie Brown and Caleb’s daughter running around with that big smile on her face? Do your kids also love eating mud pies? Sound off in the comments below.

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