‘The Bachelor’: Lauren Bushnell & Chris Lane Share Baby Anxiety

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Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell of The Bachelor are a model couple. Soon, they will add a third member to their family. Like most new parents, they’re a bit nervous. They talked to Andrew East and Shawn Johnson on Couple Things about what is giving them anxiety. When they announced the good news in December, Lauren couldn’t contain her excitement. She said, “it was very exciting but now feels even more real seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. We are just soaking it all in!”

Both soon-to-be parents have expressed they are nervous. Chris Lane, for example, is a self-proclaimed hypochondriac. His fears of getting sick and especially throwing up, makes him terrified to have a little human in the mix. The two went on a babymoon in the Virgin Islands to relax before their bundle makes his debut. The couple has been together since 2018.

It’s A Boy For Lauren Bushnell And Chris Lane

Before the New Year hit Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane announced they were expecting a baby boy. When asked what she was nervous about Lauren said, “so many things.” She said she hopes their intuition will kick in and they’ll know what to do.

Lauren said according to Country Things, “I grew up babysitting and watching my siblings but obviously have never had my own baby before so I am very nervous about many, many, many things.”

She went on to say she really couldn’t wait to see what her baby looked like. She wants to see what type of personality he has.

Instagram, Lauren Bushnell

The Couple Has Enjoyed Sharing Their Journey

Lauren Bushnell is thrilled to be pregnant. On her Instagram, she shared, “I feel like time is flying. I’m sure it will feel extra slow once I’m further along and can no longer sleep or tie my shoes. So grateful for this blessing and can’t wait to see his little face tomorrow.” A month ago she shared they were going in to see their first anatomy scan of the baby. Sweet baby BOY, we cannot wait to meet you! I already love you so much!

Lauren encouraged other moms not to compare their pregnancy to anyone else according to People. She said, “Pregnancy is amazing! Reminder to not compare yourself to others. This is my belly but everyone’s looks different!”

She went on to say she’d done it. Bushnell stated she worried her belly was too big for how far along she was.  Lauren shared it was her ultimate goal before getting pregnant. She said, “career stuff is amazing and I feel very blessed, but I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I’m excited, that’s my No. 1 most exciting next chapter.”

What do you think of the couple’s anxiety over the baby? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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