‘Unexpected’ Star Jessica Bowman Throws Shade At Max Schenzel

TLC 'Unexpected' star Jessica Bowman Instagram & Max Schenzel Instagram

Fans of TLC’s Unexpected may recall the rocky relationship between Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza. From what Chloe’s mom, Jessica Bowman, has shared, it looks like she’s not on great terms with her granddaughter’s father either. Now, Jessica is continuing to speak out against Max. She shared a few social media posts about him, throwing shade.

Fans who have been keeping up with Max off the show know that he’s gotten into his fair share of legal trouble. He’s been arrested several times. Now, he seems to be enjoying his new life and is committing to leaving the past behind him. In a recent social media post, he wrote, “The past has been rough but let’s leave that where it belongs.”


While Max seems to be forgiving himself, Jessica does not. See what she had to say about Max.

Jessica Bowman sends message to Max Schenzel

On her Instagram stories, Jessica wrote a post defending her daughter. In the post, she writes:

“I am just tired of having someone bash my daughter and keep trying to convince people that she is always out drinking. Where is your so called proof that she is doing these things? Who cares if she goes out one night during the week. She is a wonderful mother and a very responsible young adult who knows how to have fun without alcohol being involved. Some people do know how to do that. Just saying. Sorry I’m not sorry. Tired of being silent.”

She also tagged Chloe’s Instagram account in the post.

In a second slide, Jessica seemingly accuses Max of using drugs. She shares the mugshot results under Max Schenzel’s name. There are four mugshots, ranging from July 17, 2019, to February 26, 2020. She writes, “Over 1 year sober huh…. maybe sober, but definitely not clean. And we all know that alcohol wasn’t really the issue with this one.”

In addition to her obvious posts about Max, she shared a more cryptic message on her stories. She shared a quote that reads, “Be careful who you trust. Salt and sugar look the same.”

Since she shared those posts about Max, she hasn’t posted anything else on social media. Max hasn’t publicly responded to her posts either. It’s unlikely that there is more drama to come between the former Unexpected stars. For now, they’re keeping it out of the public eye.

Stay tuned for additional updates about Max Schenzel, Chloe Mendoza, and Jessica Bowman, as well as the rest of the Unexpected cast.

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