‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brush Ponders Evie K’s Weather Comment

Maddie Brush - Evie K - Axel

Maddie Brush just introduced Evie K to the Brown family in Season 15 of Sister Wives. But in real life, her daughter’s now one-and-a-half years old. On February 23, Maddie took to her Instagram Stories and pondered a comment that her daughter made about the weather. She seemed a bit surprised by the perceptive ability of her little girl.

Maddie Brush discusses Evie K’s comment on the weather

In the current Sister Wives‘ season, TLC fans saw that the Brown family seemed delighted with their second grandchild. They all agreed how “cute” she seemed. But the little girl, born with FATCO faced a lot of challenges as time went by. She underwent a Boyd amputation so she could get around on a false foot. But since then, she seems to catch up with her milestones like there’s no tomorrow. Walking, talking, and very sweet, fans who follow Maddie Brush on Instagram see a lot of photos of the cute little girl.

On February 23, Maddie Brush did a short video that only revealed her talking. She also shared a clip of Axel, her son enjoying time in the park as the weather warmed up. Then she shared a photo of Evie standing on the grass. In her captions, the Sister Wives star said that “the sunshine and dry weather called for a park date.” She captioned the picture of Evie K with, “Always clicking her tongue.” But what she said in her video clip about Evie’s comment on the weather, seemed rather interesting.

Is Evie listening to her mom when she talks to other people?

Maddie said that when she wakes up, she can’t see a “clock” nearly. So, she always asks the kids, “what’s it like outside,” and is the sun out? But this time, Evie K told her that she hopes she enjoys the warm weather and makes most of it not “raining.” Well, Maddie Brush seemed a bit stuck by that. She mentioned that she doesn’t really complain about the cold and the rain to Evie. Byt she gripes about it to other people. So, she wondered if her perceptive daughter absorbs her attitudes from taking in everything her mom says.

Maddie Brush asked her fans if they noticed that their kids doing that as she wondered if Evie picks up her personality from her mom. Well, truity.com talked about kids and personality inheritance. The blog noted that “research into the human genome…gave scientists a much better understanding.” That pertains to “traits and certain behavioral characteristics [that pass] from parent to child.”

Maddie Brush Ponders Evie K Weather Comment
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram Stories

Nowadays, it’s believed that”genetics have a stronger influence on the development of certain personality traits than previously thought.” Of course, the way parents like Maddie Brush raise their kids also influences the personality of a child. And yes, kids absorb a lot of things from listening and seeing behavior in the home.

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