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‘OutDaughtered’ Premiere: Busby Kids See Wild Dolphins

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OutDaughtered premieres on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and fans see the Busby kids go dolphin spotting. Was it a successful adventure? And, as it involved going out to sea in a boat, did the quints enjoy their outing? Certainly mom Danielle really hopes they take away something special from the experience. Right now, in real life, the family enjoys some time away in the Florida Keys. And the kids love being at the seaside.

OutDaughtered teasers reveal fun at beach and dolphin spotting

Ahead of Season 8 of the TLC show, some teasers already emerged. We reported that one of those revealed that Uncle Dale Mills threw a surprise beach party for the kids. The Busbys and their extended family gathered at the beach and the kids loved enjoying time with their cousins. 14 kids certainly enjoyed the big surprise with balloons, beach balls, and yummy treats. Adam and Danielle felt happy that the kids let off some steam in the outdoors. So, they loved the idea of their happy kids responding to Dale’s sweet gesture.

On February 22, People ran an exclusive teaser clip of the premiere of OutDaughtered. So far, TLC didn’t release it on YouTube or Instagram. But we screenshot some of the scenes from the teaser. The clip revealed that the kids went out on a boat to see some wild dolphins. And, it’s the very first time for them. The outlet cited Danielle as saying, “Hopefully they’re having fun.” But Adam seems certain they like the experience. He said that he thinks it’s  “the perfect getaway for them.” So, how did that work out?

Did the Busby kids enjoy seeing wild dolphins?

OutDaughtered fans might assume that anyone enjoys dolphin spotting. But bear in mind, the quints are still little kids. So, did they enjoy the exciting first-time experience? It certainly seems as if Adam Busby made the right call. Hazel just adored the dolphins. She said that they seem special because her “favorite” color is “blue” like the marine animals. She also loved the way “they swim.” What about the other kids?

The OutDaughtered kids made their own sounds just like the dolphins. Ahead of their outing, Riley seemed very interested as it’s the “first time.” She said, “I’ve never seen dolphins in my whole life.” And, she hoped they spot at least “100” of them. On the boat, she started making dolphin noises to call, them over. And it possibly worked out  as they started shooting out of the water and “showing off.” Blayke Busby also talked about the dolphins. The quint’s big sister liked that they seemed inquisitive and “wanted” to meet the family. She thinks they seem like very “sweet” animals.

OutDaughtered Premiere Busby Kids See Wild Dolphins
Credit: TLC via People

OutDaughtered brings delightful scenes of the Busby kids enjoying their first time spotting wild dolphins. Did you ever see the beautiful animals in wild? Sound off in the comments below.

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