Hailey Tomlinson’s Daughter Kinsley’s The Cutest Model

Hailey Tomlinson Daughter Kinsley

Hailey Tomlinson raises her daughter Kinsley and the sweet little kid looks like such a cute model. The Unexpected star no longer features on the TLC show, but she keeps her fans updated. In the lasts month or so, she shared many photos of Kinsley looking totally adorable in her little outfits. She also gave a few updates about her life juggling work, school, and her daughter.

Hailey Tomlinson posted the cutest photos of Kinsley

Unexpected fans know that Matthew Blevins is the baby daddy of Kinsley. Hailey became a fast fan-favorite when he cheated on her with her best friend Hailey Tilford. But nowadays, she moved on from Matthew and dates someone named Darren, who found a job with Walmart. Hailey, fortunately, has a good support group. So, when she works, her mom helps out with Kinsley. We reported that she works part-time “as an RA at an assisted living facility.” Meanwhile, Hailey Tomlinson also studies, but she manages her school work online.

So, when she’s home, the Unexpected alum often spends fun times with her daughter. Back in January, she shared some pictures of Kinsley. Dressed in a pink and purple outfit, with long blonde hair up, fans agreed she looked very sweet and beautiful. TLC fans noticed that her face reveals a lot of personality. And, they all agree that she twins with her mom when it comes to good looks.

Hailey Tomlinson Daughter Kinsley The Cutest Model
Credit: Hailey Tomlinson | Instagram

In the comments of  that post, fans of Hailey Tomlinson also agreed that Kinsley’s not only “cute,” but completely “adorable.”

The little model gets fans gushing over Kinsley

On February 22, Hailey shared a photo of her baby girl in an outfit that she promoted. She captioned it with, “So perfect❤️.” Fans agreed that it looked very cute. She wore long pants in leopardskin print and a black tee with a plaid heart on it. Her jacket in pink came with a zip-up front And once again, fans liked her hair pulled up in a tie. Modeling her new clothes brought lots of heart emojis. Here’s what some Unexpected fans said to Hailey Tomlinson about Kinsley:

  • “She is growing up where did time go 😭?”
  • “omggggg the flare pants are so cute!!”
  • “She already dresses more coordinated than I do. 😂 so adorable!”
  • “Shes so beautiful your doing amazing with her she is your twin for sure.”
  • “If she ain’t beautiful I don’t know what is! ❤️😍”
  • “Awwww she’s sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
  • “omg them pants tho are so adorableeee.”
Hailey Tomlinson Daughter Kinsley The Cutest Model 2
Credit: Hailey Tomlinson | Instagram

Photos that Hailey Tomlinson shared of her boyfriend Darren reveal that he seems very good with Kinsley as well. Apparently, they still date each other. So, Unexpected fans hope that she remains happier than her experiences with Matthew Blevins.

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