‘1000-LB Sisters’: Amy Dishes On Tammy’s Spider Bite

1000-LB Sisters Amy sister Tammy

1000-LB Sisters Episode 7 of Season 2 revealed that Tammy Slaton was bitten by a spider. Naturally, fans wonder if Tammy healed up. After all, some bites need proper medical attention. And fans know that Amy’s sisters not in very good health as it is. On February 22, Amy Halterman dished on how it all turned out in the end. It came in the comments section of another poster for the TLC show.

1000-LB Sisters – Amy updates on Tammy after a spider bite

Although Season 2 focuses on Amy Halterman expecting her first baby, Tammy’s not ignored. In fact, she put on weight and fans grow very fearful for her life. When her boyfriend Jerry Sykes visited the sisters in Kentucky, a lot of fans worried, that he might enable Tammy’s eating. And Amy expressed the same concerns after he arrived bearing a large milkshake. TLC fans also disapproved as fans previously heard that he took up his affair with her while married to someone else.

Nevertheless, we reported that at one stage, at least Jerry showed a sweet side. In Episode 7 of 1000-LB Sisters,  fans saw that he discovered Tammy sitting on the couch. She told him that a spider bit her on the hayride. And it looked a bit nasty. So Jerry, understanding she couldn’t reach the bite herself, kindly looked at it for her. He helped her clean it and wore his latex gloves. He said that it becomes a problem that he worries about. After all, she can’t attend to it if nobody’s around to help. So, were there complications? Amy dished an update on it for concerned fans.

TLC Fans ask about the spider bite and Amy replies

The post where fans asked about the spider bite wasn’t on Amy Halterman’s own Instagram. So, it seems kind that she reached out and answered questions. One fan wrote, “Someone check Tammys leg the spider bite.” Another 1000-LB Sisters fan noted that the show airs retrospectively and so they thought she probably got over it. But Amy Halterman sweetly replied. She said, “tammy spider bite is healed up nicely thank you for asking.” So, if you feel concerned about it, you can set your worries aside.

1000-LB Sisters Amy Dishes On Tammy Spider Bite
Credit: TLC | Instagram

In the comments of the post by TLC Amy also responded to a few other fans. One fan talked about Micheal and how “he’s constantly forced to wheel Tammy around.” The 1000-LB Sisters star said, “his whole family quite like him. Well, the man anyway.”  That probably means the family likes him as a person, and not the fact that he spends a lot of time wheeling Tammy all over the place.  Fans hope that Tammy loses enough weight so she can start walking around on her own a bit more.

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