Should ‘Sister Wives’ Be Called ‘Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives?’

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Sister Wives Season 15 brings the same old storyline that TLC fans watched for a long time now. Actually, some fans agree that the show becomes boring as the wives continually seem so unhappy. Season after season, it’s the same-old-same-old story. Should TLC just give up on it and call the show Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives?

Sister Wives Season 15 brings more of the unhappy wives

The premiere of the show revealed that the wives seem continually dissatisfied with polygamous life. Janelle Brown called a family conference and a lot of tears flowed. Christine feels unwelcome and unwanted. Meanwhile, Robyn thinks it’s all her fault the family falls apart. And Meri cries all the time for one reason or another. In the second episode this week, more tears flowed.

We reported that more trouble started when Kody started talking about moving to Utah. But only Christine would really like a return there. Kody got all irritated as he thought the wives avoided traveling together. They become so disenchanted and unhappy that every conversation upsets somebody. Most of this unhappiness started when the Sister Wives family moved to Flagstaff. And as it’s been going on for so long, fans grow bored and fed up with it.

Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives

TLC fans discussed the show on TLC’s Instagram account on February 21. A lot of them talked about all the unhappy wives. One of them said, “Janelle is the only wife that seems to like plural marriage. The others seem [to] just cry and complain about being married to the same guy. I stopped watching.”

Another disgruntled Sister Wives fan noted, “I don’t even know why this show is still going on…women who seem so unhappy, but yet they don’t want to leave the relationship.” Then, they pointed out it’s the “same story line every episode. Ridiculous low self-esteem women…they have enough resources to move on.”

Then, someone said,  That show is disgusting and degrading to women !!! Take it off!!”

Actually, a lot of people believe the show really does no favors for women. And other Sister Wives fans hate that they all seem so dependent on a single man.

Completely fed up, TLC user @donnadono2020 said, “Looks like … Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives.”

Marriage counselor on unhappy marriage talked about assessing unhappiness in a marriage. These include asking questions around the “four primary emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.” Well, fans see very little happiness on the Sister Wives show. And they certainly see a lof sadness, anger, and fear. The website also notes the “most broken marriages can be repaired, but it takes hard work.” However, juggling four different wives makes for a completely different ball game.

Sister Wives Be like Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives
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Do you agree the Sister Wives show would be better off called Unhappy Wives Living Unhappy Lives? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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