OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Throws beach party

‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Throws A Beach Party

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OutDaughtered premieres on TLC Tuesday, February 23, and Uncle Dale features again. In fact, a teaser on Facebook reveals that he threw the kids a surprise beach party. Of course, they just loved it, and none of them more than Hazel Busby. With the cousins, the quints, and their big sister Blayke, 14 kids enjoyed the fun surprise. Dale tried preparing it by himself. But eventually, he asked Danielle’s sisters for help.

OutDaughtered – Uncle Dale made the kids so happy with his beach party

We reported that this weekend, Dale Mills shared a photo of himself with Hazel in Florida. If you watch the show, you know that he loves all the quints. But he holds a special place in his heart for Hazel. She’s the first of the babies that he held, and they instantly bonded. Hazel Busby’s the quint with red hair and glasses, making her easily identifiable. She also became something of a fan favorite on OutDaughtered as she went for her eye surgery as a very young child.

TLC shared a clip on Facebook ahead of the premiere. Hazel sweetly said, “Uncle Dale threw me a little beach party.” But none of the OutDaughtered adults said it was exclusively for her. In fact, the other quints talked about him throwing a party “for us.” The kids all got such a wonderful surprise as they played downstairs. Adam, Danielle, the kids’ aunts, and uncle threw balloons and beach balls off the upstairs balcony. They all yelled about the beach party. And the kids seemed genuinely surprised. 14 of them attended altogether.

Kids react to Dale’s beach party surprise

The Busby kids liked catching up with their cousins as they really love them. But it took a lot of help from Danielle and her sisters. Uncle Dale said he nearly got a “hangover” from trying to blow up the balloons by himself. Danielle said that all the balloons and beach balls added “icing to the cake.” The OutDaughtered kids tucked into cupcakes, goldfish, hotdogs, apple juice, and burgers. Danielle told everyone to come and get “a cookie.”

OutDaughtered party
Credit: TLC | Facebook

One of the producers asked Riley if she remembered the cookies. but she couldn’t. So sweetly, she asked how people “remember” everything like that. Adam Busby explained that the OutDaughtered kids seem “good at rolling with the punches.” But it’s been hard for them. And, that’s probably why the beach party by Uncle Dale went down so well. Probably, he talked about the pandemic.

Playing in the sea

The clip revealed that the kids ran into the sea and Hazel yelled how much she loves the beach. Meanwhile, Danielle says the cousins love each other so much. In fact, she doesn’t know if they could possibly “get closer than they already are.”

OutDaughtered party 2
Credit: TLC | Facebook

In the new season of OutDaughtered, it’s not all happiness and parties. Expect to see Danielle Busby stress over possible heart surgery, as well.

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