‘Married At First Sight’ Spoiler: Was Chris Williams Ex Never Pregnant?

Married At First Sight Spoiler Chris

Married at First Sight spoilers come out for Chris Williams, his ex-Mercedes, and Paige. Spoiler alert. This article contains a lot of spoilers. Please stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens. Social media came alive with rumors and spoilers about Chris Williams. And you’re one of those fans who can’t stand him, then expect to feel totally vindicated.

Married at First Sight spoilers – Chris Williams

We reported that Chris Williams’ critics fear he’s an abusive personality and that Paige should get away from him. Speculation of him potentially abusing Paige arose over a couple of the Lifetime episodes. But it reached a peak when he attacked the other cast members during the honeymoon. It all started because Chris only told Paige he expected a baby with his ex-fiance Mercedes after the wedding. His aggressive temper really shocked viewers of the show.

Many Married at First Sight fans felt he was abusive. One of them said on Twitter, “Chris is abusive behaviour 101. The temper, victim playing, manipulation, bare minimum doing but expecting a standing ovation overall very 🚮 behaviour.” A lot of others agreed that he followed up insults with reassurances, and then more insults. Plus, they fear for Paige because he started isolating her from her support group in the cast. Well, spoilers reveal that Paige got away from him in the end. 

Mercedes and Chris Williams spotted in Cancun

Reddit followers share visuals of Chris with Mercedes, the ex-fiance. And it seems that perhaps there never was a baby as Chris said in Married at First Sight. The r/marriedatfirsttsight subreddit members discussed it. To summarise what apparently happened, read on. Someone shared on Facebook and in a Reddit group that they went on vacation to Mexico. In Cancun, they spotted Chris William and his ex-faince, Mercedes. Apparently, the ex doesn’t look pregnant at all. Plus as Mercedes was drinking alcohol, clearly the baby’s not inside her.

Allegedly, Mercedes suffered from a miscarriage, according to Chris. Married at First Sight fans now wonder if he made the whole story up. Perhaps the ex never fell pregnant in the first place. And a Redditor suggested, “Now I’m starting to think that the ex fiance lied about being pregnant to one-up him for getting married. It’s all just games to them.”

Unhappy ending for Paige?

The @MAFSfan account on Instagram also shared about it, but not in a lot of detail. So, many of their followers went off and checked it out for themselves. But the account gave away enough info that there’s no happy ending for Paige. Their admin posted up a message from themselves to Paige about it. You can see the card below. But in it, a bit of a spoiler came out that suggests an unhappy outcome.

Married At First Sight Spoiler Chris & Mercedes
Credit: MAFSfan | Instagram

The Married at Furst Sight spoiler account admin said that as the show progresses, fans see a “messy” and “complicated” situation. They also said that it’s all “heartbreaking.”

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