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Hazel & Uncle Dale Get ‘OutDaughtered’ Love

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Hazel & Uncle Dale Mills together always gets plenty of love from OutDaughtered fans. Fans who watched the TLC show since the beginning know that when Hazel was born, he held her first. And, they developed a very close bond. The combination of hilarious Dale and totally adorable Hazel Busby always ends up with fans raving about their very special relationship.

Hazel & Uncle Dale enjoy warm Florida together

The Busby family left Texas and escaped the winter cold. Dale Mills and his family also went along to Florida. But that only came after days of bitterly cold weather. In fact, we reported that their vacation brought some criticism. However, they possibly went there for the TLC show. Before they left, Adam Busby shared a photo that revealed him sitting with Danielle and Uncle Dale Mills on the “interview couch.” He said that Dale always feels awkward in that situation. And he’s “much better in scene[s] with his witty outbursts!”

Hazel & Uncle Dale spent time together last week. When the power went off at their place, the Mills family moved over to the Busby’s house. So the cute OutDaughtered redhead saw a lot of her favorite uncle. The delight on her face whenever her uncle’s around always seems so innocent and sweet that fans can’t help commenting on it. Taking to his Facebook on Sunday, February 21, Dale shared a photo of himself with his favorite niece, and plenty of TLC fans commented on it.

Uncle Dale - Adam Busby - Danielle - OutDaughtered
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

OutDaughtered Fans react to a cute photo

Dale’s photo revealed them dressed a lot less snugly than during the Texas winter storm. In the background, palm trees looked a lot nicer than ice and snow. Hazel & Uncle Dale looked so happy together, and she smiled sweetly for the selfie. A lot of fans commented on how happy she always looks when she spends time with him. And many of them enjoy seeing their special bond.

One of their fans wrote, ” I love the Relationship Hazel has with her Uncle it’s so special ❤️.”

And another OutDaughtered admirer commented, “Two of my favorite people, Love the relationship you have with this beautiful girl. Love her red hair, she rocks her glasses. ❤️

Here’s a typical comment that rolled in for Hazel & Uncle Dale: ” I don’t know which one of you is cuter. I do know y’all have a sweet friendship. Every child needs to feel loved and it’s obvious you love Hazel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Hazel & Uncle Dale Get OutDaughtered Love
Credit: Dale Mills | Facebook

Thethings.com noted that “anyone who has been around children regularly will know that sometimes adults develop a bond with certain kids that is special for whatever reason.” When one “Debbie Downer” commented that Dale should love all the Busby quints the same, other fans pointed out that he cares for all of them. But there’s “nothing wrong” with the special relationship that Hazel & Uncle share.

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