‘Hair Color Or Lighting?’: Joy Duggar Fields Fans’ Questions Once Again

Joy Duggar Instagram

Since Joy Duggar Forsyth debuted her new hairstyle, fans have been wondering if she also dyed her hair. Shortly after Joy and her husband Austin Forsyth’s second baby, Evelyn, was born, she showed off her new bangs. She seemed to get mixed responses about her bangs, but fans also noticed something else in her photos. Fans think she dyed her hair, and they won’t stop asking her about it. In the past, Joy has denied the claims that she darkened her hair. After seeing the new photo she shared, she got more comments about her hair being dyed, so she decided to settle them once and for all.

See Joy Duggar’s new photo

On Instagram, Joy shared a photo of herself and her husband Austin. In the photo, Austin has his eyes closed to show that he’s feeling “peaceful.” Joy mentions how much he makes her laugh.

Did the Counting On star really dye her hair?

In a comment, a fan asks, “Hair color or lighting?” The comment received several likes, which likely means that other fans are agreeing with the question at hand.

Joy can’t seem to post a photo without being asked about her hair color. Possibly because she wants to prevent these questions from flooding her comments section, she decided to give fans an answer.

In response to the comment, she simply writes, “It’s the lighting.” She also adds a crying laughing emoji. While some are thanking her for answering the question, others are accusing her of lying about her hair color. Some think she had to dye it to get it this dark. You can see how light her hair was in this photo, which was posted on October 26, 2020.

Joy Duggar Instagram
Joy Duggar Instagram

Why might Joy Duggar’s hair look darker now?

As Joy mentions in her comment, the lighting affects the appearance of her hair. If she’s outdoors during the day, there’s a good chance her hair will look lighter. In the dark, her hair is naturally going to look darker. This could explain why her hair looks different in some photos.

Additionally, Joy has mentioned her highlights in the past. It’s possible that she no longer has highlights, so her hair doesn’t have as much brightness to it. It’s also likely that her photos on Instagram have filters applied to them. When she applies filters to her photos, the colors and tones in the photos change. This includes everything from her skin tone to the clothes she’s wearing. Naturally, this also includes her hair color. Perhaps her using a filter is throwing fans off, especially if she doesn’t always use the same filter.

So, why do you think that Joy’s hair keeps looking so dark? Let us know in the comments below.

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