’90 Day: The Single Life’ Series Premiere Recap- February 21

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90 Day Fiance is no stranger to spin-offs and the cast of 90 Day: The Single Life is no stranger to love. Six former cast members from TLC’s hit franchise are back and looking for love. Each week, viewers will get to watch them attempt to find love in various ways. Onboard is Big Ed Brown, Colt Johnson, Molly Hopkins, Fernanda Flores, Danielle Mullins, and Brittany Banks. Will they have learned and grown? Time to get dating!

90 Day: The Single Life Welcomes Big Ed

Big Ed is single so he has decided he is going to update his dating profile. He decides to do a photoshoot and uses costumes for said photos, starting with Elvis. At just five feet tall, he wants women to see his big personality above all. Next, he is Nacho Libre and a dinosaur. He admits he needs to lose weight but his strong suits are his ability to make people laugh and confidence. Ed is currently on four dating apps looking for the one and wants to give himself the best shot. Therefore, he may add some more.

He recruits his puppy, Teddy to help him set up his profiles. Ed talks about his wife who was his first everything. It resulted in the birth of his daughter, Tiffany but ended when he was unfaithful. A one-night stand ended it all. It took him forever to feel comfortable enough to find love again. Side note: the age range he is looking for is 29-48. He says he usually connects with younger women because he feels young and reflects back on Rose, who was 23.

They met on social media and meeting her in person was one of the happiest moments of his life. He said her age was not the factor that ruined their relationship. They do a montage of him telling her about her bad breath and how he did not want kids. He has been single for about eight months now but it appears his mom has moved in. She always took care of him and helped him raise his daughter and now it is his chance. He says he wants what his parents had, something special.

90 Day: The SIngle Life Credit: TLC Instagram
Credit: TLC Instagram

What Ed Wants In A Woman

Ed is very particular about what he is looking for in a woman. She must be kind, Haute, love to make love, physical, and short. He also wants someone close by as he learned distance is a bad factor.

Ed meets up with a woman at an outdoor patio. He has a braid in his ponytail so it is hard to tell if it is a date or a business meeting. Her name is Sapphire and she is a young woman from Israel. Ed is captivated by her white teeth and it appears to be a date but in fact, she is a dating coach.

He says he has been doing it wrong for so long that he hopes she can help. Ed is very transparent about being on multiple apps and says he wants to spoil someone. She tells him he must appreciate himself, as well, and be taken care of. He needs to learn he is deserving of love or he will not succeed.

Ed starts talking about a server at his favorite restaurant named Liz. He is smitten with her and wants to ask her out but is scared she will say no. Sapphire encourages him to love himself so he will have less fear when it comes to dating.

90 Day: The Single Life Welcomes Molly

While Ed is gathering courage, it is time for Molly, who makes her appearance in lingerie. She’s doing some role-playing over FaceTime when she starts talking to the camera about her life. Molly got divorced three years ago and is just trying to live her life right now. She put herself back on social media and this has really helped her social life. Men from everywhere wanted a piece of Molly and she is loving it. She ended up meeting a cop, Kelly through all of this and that is who she was role-playing with all along.

Kelly lives in New York and Molly had a special feeling about him so she went to go meet him. They had an amazing connection and he will be visiting her in Georgia in three days. Apparently, he is an actual gentleman so this is big for Molly. Yolanda and Debbie are Molly’s two roommates and she is modeling her lingerie for them. Flashback to her marriage to Luis from the Dominican Republic. It was a disaster once he moved to the US after their whirlwind romance on vacation. They divorced after a year.

Molly is suspicious as to why Kelly is single when he seems so great and stable. Molly is in this for life.

Brittany Is Looking For Love

New to Houston, Brittany is trying to sell jewelry from her ex. As it turns out, what she thought was gold is actually fake. It does not surprise her because she says it is as fake as him. She met her ex from Jordan and four months later, they got engaged and she moved to be with him. But cultural differences ruined everything. He told her people from his extended family were out to get him and she was so scared. She moved home to get the K-1 visa process started only to find out he was cheating on her. Admittedly, Brittany never had luck in her love life but she wants to break down the walls so she can have a family.

She is dating and seeing who her contenders are. Preferably, she wants an alpha male to take care of her but does not want to rush into intimacy. Luckily, she has a great guy friend named Prince and he allows her to find herself. She says she has been talking to a few men, one she has known for a while named Justin. They grew up together and now he lives in Canada. Because of Covid, they have only been able to video chat and have not seen each other in eight years. But he is coming to visit soon. Another guy, Terence lives in Detroit but visits Texas a lot. She is hopeful he will ask her out soon.

Will Danielle Find Love Other Than Her Dog?

Seven years ago, Danielle met a man from Tunisia and he was her first online relationship. They fell in love and he came to be with her in America. After they got married, he was very visibly being unfaithful and it made her question her marriage. On the tell-all, he was so cruel about her body and said things no man should ever say about a woman. Danielle has moved on and she does see her grandkids but only has her 19-year-old daughter at home. She’s been single for three years and does not want to be alone. To her surprise, her ex texted her a short time ago after being on bad terms for so long. She believed he had ulterior motives so she just moved along.

Danielle is connecting with two friends, Lauren and Michelle, whom she met via social media. They help open her up and they want to do a girl’s trip to Ocean City. It is just what she needs to help get her back out there. She is looking for someone who is caring, kind, outgoing, average looking, and a little bit taller than her, someone to build a life with. It is time she moved on and this trip is perfect for her.

90 Day: The Simple Life Welcomes Colt

Since Covid, Colt lost his job and a lot of weight but he has yet to find his soul mate. Thus, he has decided to try speed dating for the first time. He is sharing his life story with the first prospect and then the camera. Colt talks about his ex-wife, Larissa. They knew each other for five days before he proposed and a year later, she arrived in Vegas. They got married but six months later, they got divorced. Then, he met Jess who was also Brazilian like Larissa. But, he cheated on her with a family friend, Vanessa.

Colt admits Jess was a rebound yet he would love to be married again. He has six cats, unemployed, and lives with his mom. If Colt matches with anyone, they will receive each other’s emails within twenty-four hours. But the girls seem pretty adamant that they do not like Colt. Mom, Debbie is asking about speed dating and he is honest that his exes clashed with her in the past. He tells her he has only thought about Vanessa as she is his best friend. Colt never planned to pursue anything with her, it just happened. They are friends with benefits and he wants more. on the tell-all, she said she did not want anything with him because she does not trust him.

Either Colt has to be in a relationship with Vanessa or move on. That is where he is at in his life. Debbie thinks he is being dramatic but it is up to her son.

Big Ed and the Dating Game

After meeting with his dating coach, Ed is feeling much more confident so he is on more dating sites. Now he is meeting with good friends Rich and Claudia. He tells them how he needs to learn to love himself per Sapphire and how he wants to ask Liz out. Rich is skeptical because Liz is only twenty-eight. They want him to date someone his own age or in their forties. He says he is not attracted to women his own age and is too big of a kid.

Liz does come to sit with him after work and have a glass of wine so she does show some interest. He feels she is more mature than he is and he knows she is working. So, he will go to the restaurant to ask her out but he does not know how to ask someone out. Claudia still thinks this is a bad idea but they are trying to be supportive.

Danielle and The Ex-Text/ Molly Gets Ready For Kelly

There is a week until the girl’s trip and Danielle gets a text from her ex-husband. He is in Ohio and she does not know why. It took her a while to get over him and she does not want to hit the restart button. He has two days off and wants to meet up with her. She is torn. Over in Georgia, Molly is getting ready for Kelly to come to visit from New York. It is super important that her new love gets along with her two daughters. Her youngest daughter has a chromosomal disorder but she seems to grasp things quite quickly. She has already become attached to Kelly as they talk on the phone. But, he does not have any kids so this is all new to him.

While at work, Molly gets flowers from Kelly which just wows her. Her business partner, Cynthia is a little skeptical and wants her to think about this before jumping in. She warns her friend but that’s all she can do. Colt meets Vanessa for coffee so he can tell her how he feels. She tells him she officially filed the paperwork for her divorce and can date who she wants. Though she has been seeing some people, no one has caught her eye. He confesses how he feels but she still cannot trust him. It looks like she either has to be all in or he is peacing out.

Brittany and Terence On the Dating Scene/ Ed Is Ready To Date

Terence finally asked Brittany out but she won’t tell him about her other guy, Justin, and vice versa. She slyly does tell him about her ex in Jordan but does not delve too deep. They talk about age and if he is too young for her. He is shocked that she dated someone who was eighty-six. They agree to go on another date so it was a positive experience yet she worries about Justin.

Ed goes to the restaurant on his Vespa to ask out Liz. He meets up with his friend Lily to help him have the courage he needs. She says he is a nice guy who is very flirtatious and sweet. He is very scared to ask Liz out so he asks Lily to do it but she declines. She coaches him on how to properly do it so he starts to rehearse what he will say. He asks her but it goes right to Danielle who still does not know what to do about her ex. She has agreed to meet up with him. He does have his Green Card interview so she is leery about him but wants closure.

Next week, Ed gets his answer, Colt starts dating again, Kelly comes to visit Molly, Danielle gets closure and Fernanda throws a divorce party. Catch new episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life on discovery+.





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