‘Young Sheldon’ Speculation: When Will George Cooper Sr. Die?

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CBS has renewed The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon for its fourth season. The series follows the antics of Sheldon as he is growing up, with Jim Parsons adding commentary throughout the episode. But the show really centers around Sheldon’s entire family and the people that made him who he is. One of the most pivotal people in his life that fans never got to meet in The Big Bang Theory is his father. George Cooper Sr died before The Big Bang Theory aired. Fans are speculating with Season 4 underway will they address this loss on the show. Everyone wants to know, when does George Cooper Sr. die?

George in ‘Young Sheldon’

With twelve seasons of TBBT there were plenty of tidbits dropped about Sheldon and George Sr’s relationship. Adult Sheldon commented that his dad drank a lot. And it appeared that his siblings Georgie and Missy got along better with their dad than he ever did. But Lance Barber has brought kindness, humor and depth to George Cooper that his moments with Sheldon are crucial to the series. The sad thing is everyone knows at some point George Cooper Sr. dies.

Fans learned during The Thanksgiving Decoupling episode on TBBT that George dies when Sheldon is fourteen. And now that Sheldon is eleven there might be at most two or even three more seasons before the show has to write in this loss. But there are some fans that have pointed out timeline discrepancies between the shows and want Young Sheldon to be a stand-alone series.

But with Parsons adding tidbits throughout the inevitable passing of George. Season 4 began airing on November 5. With Sheldon officially going off to college there will be new aspects of George’s character to explore. There are sad moments in store for fans of the show that TBBT warns about. One is that George and Mary are going to fight more, and George will cheat on Mary.

Some fans have speculated that this will happen in Season 4, but Sheldon told Penny that it happened when he was thirteen. So likely it will not happen until Season 5 if the writers want to keep the show going.

What ‘The Big Bang Theory’ told fans

Since Young Sheldon is a spin-off the show has to keep with facts that the original already laid out. One thing that The Big Bang Theory introduced from Young Sheldon rather than the other way around was Tan. Fans got to see what happened to their friendship in Season 12.

Adult Georgie was first introduced to TBBT in Season 11. These meetings gave hints as to what happened after George’s death. Georgie tells Sheldon that after their dad died Sheldon just left for college and he had to take care of their mom and Missy. Now, there is not much that a fourteen-year-old can do in that situation but their family was grieving. And Sheldon left, likely running away from his grief while the rest of the family leaned on each other.

But given that George will pass away sometime in the not-so-distant future what will happen on the show when he does? Sheldon leaves for Caltech soon after his death, so would the show focus on Texas and California? Or could the end of the show be Sheldon leaving for California and avoiding the emotional fallout from George’s death altogether? The likelihood of the latter option is small. Because while the show is based on Sheldon it really focuses on the whole family. The shows have also not shied away from difficult storylines in the past.

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  1. George is the most realistic father on this show! And he is funny! I will stop watching if he “dies”! Keep him I. The show !

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