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‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Where Are Allen & Vianey now?

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My 600-lb life stars Allen and Vianey were both severely obese and needed Dr. Now’s help if they wanted to live. The couple decided to take the journey together, to lose weight and become healthy. However, fans want to know how the couple is doing now. Did they keep the weight off after surgery or did they fall back in the old comfortable habits that they were used to for so many years?

Let’s start from the beginning of Allen and Vianey’s Journey

Vianey and Allen bonded together over their toxic love for food, but of course, it’s also the one thing that could keep the pair apart forever. However, the two decided to get healthier so that the threat of their weight killing them would never be an issue again. 

Meeting up with Dr. Now

The loving couple made the long trip to Houston, Texas to see Dr. Now. At the beginning of their journey Vianey weighed 594 pounds, Allen was at 648 pounds. However Dr. Now knew the couple could lose weight, he put the couple on a strict 1,200 calorie diet that allowed for no snacking and limited carbs. Vianey was able to lose 226 pounds and Allen was down to 376 pounds, having lost a total of 272 pounds.

The surgery

Both Allen and Vianey were approved for gastric Bypass surgery but when Dr. Now put Vianey under to perform the surgery, her heart stopped so he had no choice but to immediately stop the surgery. “You didn’t get the operation because your heart stopped,” Dr. Now tells her after she learns the operation wasn’t completed. Vianey was heartbroken at first but she was able to put the disappointment behind her and stick to the program. “I have no doubt that as long as we have each other and we’re doing this together, we will be able to do anything and everything we need to make our goals and get that life we both have dreamed of all of our lives and I know we both absolutely can’t wait for that and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us,” she told the camera.

Vianey & Allen 600lb LifeWhere are Allen and Vianey now?

Allen and Vianey both got weight loss surgery and will be celebrating 12 years together soon! The pair lost a lot of weight on the show. Allen went from 648 to 376 pounds, and Vianey dropped to 368 lbs. Since then, they have now collectively lost 500 pounds and look so much different in their photos. According to an article by Newsweek, Allen recently trimmed his beard, while Vianey joined a three-month program that focuses on physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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