Madison Brown Shares An Unusual Longing

Madison Brown

Madison Brown, aka Maddie Brush, took to her Instagram Stories on Friday and shared an unusual longing. In fact, it seems that the mom of two yearns for something most people avoid. Sister Wives followers really adore her and her two sweet kids. So, they pay attention when she posts anything. And sometimes they comment on her parenting or physical appearance.

Madison Brown delivers her unusual longing most people avoid

About a week ago, Maddie Brown Brush told her fans that little Evie felt poorly. The poor little mite cut five new teeth and some molars emerged. So, she hardly slept. Eventually, tired out, the little Sister Wives star fell asleep. Making the most of some time on her hands, Maddie went off and did her hair. Or at least, her little helper Axel helped out. “The cute kid helped Maddie Brown brush out her hair,” we noted. And, Maddie captioned the clip with, ‘My own personal stylist.”

Possibly some fans of Madison Brown commented about her hair. Taking to her Instagram Stories on Friday 19, the Sister Wives star parted her hair and talked about how the natural “blonde” starts coming in. Right now, it makes her hair looks dull dirtyish brown. If you didn’t know, Maddie, like her half-sister Mykelti’s naturally light-colored. But she keeps it dyed dark. Perhaps some people noticed that as her hair grows out, it looks gray because Maddie talked about longing for gray hair. How many people hope for that? Certainly, it seems like an unusual yearning.

Gray hair growing in, Maddie hopes so

While discussing her hair, Madison Brown seemed a bit disappointed. After all, the hair that grows in simply isn’t gray. She reiterated several times, that it’s just the old blond hair coming in. And, she actually noted that she feels totally disappointed. At the age of 25, she hopes for a full head of gray hair. It seems that her hair grows very slowly. So Madison Brown likes the idea of gray hair which grows thick and fast.

Did you know that gray hair grows faster than any other color? Citing British researchers, the UF Health Podcast notes that “gray hair also grows faster and for a longer time than black hair.” Genes that produce “the main structural proteins in hair are twice as active in white hair as in black hair.” Over time, the color caused by melanin fades away, and some people embrace it. Just think of George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, and Jamie Lee who look rather foxy with their silver-gray hair. Can you imagine Madison Brown with a thick pelt of gray hair?

Madison Brown Shares An Unusual Longing
Credit: Madison Rose Brown | Instagram Stories

Did you lose your natural hair color early in life? If your hair went gray, would you like it? Or would you rather keep on dying it? Sound off in the comments below.

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