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‘Counting On’ Ivy Seewald Is ‘A Doll’ In New Dress: See Photo

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Ivy Seewald attracts many Duggar fans as she’s so cute. Her mom Jessa often shares photos and video clips of her adorable little girl. And one clip she posted up on February 20 revealed her complete happiness. In fact, she seemed speechless. What makes such a young girl so happy she seems struck dumb? Counting On fans agree that she simply grows cuter and prettier by the day.

Ivy Seewald gains more followers who gush over the cute little girl

In November, we reported that Jessa shared a video clip showing the boys building a couch fort. Ivy took part in the fun and spent time playing peek-a-boo with her mom. Somehow her eyes literally shine with fun and joy and that makes fans feel very happy. In another photo, Jessa revealed that her cute daughter sometimes gets up to mischief. On that occasion, she took her brother’s jawbreaker candy.

Jessa caught Ivy Seewald quietly snacking away on the sweet treat. Her big smiling eyes told her mom she felt no guilt either. Many fans noted that the little Duggar girl seems extremely expressive with her face and eyes. At the time, a lot of people spotted that she seemed totally pleased with herself. Well, in the latest post that Jessa popped up, Ivy seemed beyond pleased, and totally mesmerized with joy and happiness. No wonder Counting On fans agrees she’s so cute.

Ivy is overjoyed by new clothing item

On February 21, Jessa Seewald shared a clip of Ivy trying on her new dress. The Counting On star said that she bought some clothes for the kids and they look like great “quality.”  Plus, she loved the price. In the video, her husband Ben held up Ivy Seewald in front of the mirror. She asked if she liked her new dress. So, cute, she could hardly even talk. And Jessa she fell in love with her dress. In fact, Ivy was s “absolutely speechless.” She just stared at herself and her eyes grew wide. When Ben put her down, she remained fixed to the spot in front of the mirror.

TLC fans thoroughly enjoyed watching the clip. One of them commented, “So cute how she couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror. She’s a doll!” And another one noted, “What an adorable princess she loves her dress. I love those beautiful big eyes ❤️ .”

Lots of similar comments went in about Ivy Seewald. This comment is another example: “I love the expression on her face. May she always know what a blessed little lady she is. 💕💕💕💕.”

Ivy Seewald Struck Dumb With Happiness
Credit: Jessa Seewald | Instagram

One day, Jessa’s daughter won’t be the baby of the family anymore

ET reported last week, that Jessa and Ben expect another baby. So little Ivy Seewald will become a big sister. The Duggar family continues growing as Jessa isn’t the only Duggar who is expecting. “Joe and his wife, Kendra, announced back in August that they are expecting baby no. 3, a little girl.”

Are you excited for Jessa and Ben to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world? What is your reaction to Ivy and her new dress? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Counting On News. 

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