‘The Blended Bunch’: Meet The Shemwells – A Modern Day Brady Bunch Minus An Alice

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The Blended Bunch is the newest supersized family reality show headed to TLC this spring. Soon we will meet Erica Shemwell and Spencer Shemwell, two widowed parents who met online and soon married.

The new series will show the two families combining into one large family of thirteen with eleven children, all under the age of twelve. Here’s a little background of this family that’s sure to pull on your heartstrings when their show debuts Tuesday, March 16, on TLC.

The Blended Bunch: Spencer Shemwell & Erica Shemwell Met Online

The Blended Bunch parents Erica Shemwell and Spencer Shemwell met online in a support group for young widows. Both Eric and Spencer lost their first spouses tragically at a young age. Erica’s husband Tony died after battling brain cancer. Spencer’s wife, Aimee, was killed in a car crash.

Not long after The Blended Bunch stars found each other online, they met in person at a convention for widows given by a church group. It was then, and there Spencer knew he needed to be near Erica. So he moved his four children cross country to Utah, where Erica and her seven children lived.

Eleven Kids Under Age Twelve – No “Alice”

Erica and Spencer’s love story began online, and within thirteen months, they fell in love and wed. Now The Blended Bunch is set to debut, and we will meet the couple’s combined eleven children. Spencer has four children with his first wife, Aimee, Brayden, age 12; Harper, age  8, Avery, age  6; and Bexley, age 4. Erica is mom to seven with her first husband Tony, Landon age 12, Emma age 10, Lily age 9, Sophie age 8, Tanner age 6, Amelia age 5, and Caleb, age 3.

Erica Shemwell describes her The Blended Bunch family as a modern-day Brady Bunch. However, each parent is bringing more than three children of the same sex to the new family. Plus, the very distinct difference is that the Shemwells do not have a live-in housekeeper as the Bradys did with Alice. Erica jokes in the promo for the series that they need an Alice.

The Blended Bunch: Faith In The Lord Despite Heartache

The most amazing part of The Blended Family’s story isn’t really the merging of two families into a large one. What is striking about both Erica and Spencer is their steadfast belief in God. Despite the terrible heartache they experienced losing their first loves, they firmly believe that God has actually been good to them.

After all, they were blessed with eleven healthy children to raise. Plus, God brought them another great love, so soon after, they each had dealt with the terrible pain of losing the person they planned to grow old with. Blending their families certainly challenged them. However, both Spencer and Erica see it as a mountain worth climbing.

They encourage the kids to talk about their late parents. Spencer and Erica want their memories to be a part of their lives as much as possible. Some days are easier than others, but their love for each other, their children, and their faith always pulls them through.

The Blended Bunch debuts Tuesday, March 16, on TLC.

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