‘MythBusters’ Spinoff: ‘Motor MythBusters’ Stars Tory Belleci, Faye Hadley, Bisi Ezerioha

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Gearheads, are you ready for a new Mythbusters spinoff? This time it is all about cars, in the new Motor MythBusters. The tagline is “where science meets the road.” Moreover, this new series brings the return of a familiar face to MythBuster fans, Tory Belleci. Joining him is mechanic Faye Hadley and race car driver, Bisi Ezerioha.

Let’s find out more about this upcoming spinoff series.

What Is Motor MythBusters About?

Motor MythBusters is the new MythBusters spinoff. According to The Futon Critic, Motortrend has issued a press release about this new show. This new series will create an original take on famous builds. According to Alex Wellen, the president and general manager of MotorTrend Group, this show will confirm or bust “the biggest automotive myths.”

In true MythBusters fashion, they will be taking stories from pop culture, viral videos and even urban legend. This even includes some Hollywood stunts all the way to “everyday questions” that viewers may deal with in regards to their vehicle. Then, Tory, Fay and Bisi will put the vehicles through some “extreme” tests and bust or confirm some myths.

This show promises to meld “science with the street in a joyful search for truth behind popular automotive myths.” The first season will be eight episodes. As Motortrend has just green-lit production, it will not be available until the third quarter. This means that the soonest fans may see the show would be in July.

John Luscombe, Beyond Productions president has promised that “This spinoff series is a marriage made in heaven.” This show will attract the curious. Using scientific methods, they will do their best to challenge the myth once and for all.

Who Stars In Motor MythBusters?

Mythbusters fans will be happy to see a familiar face in Motor Mythbusters. Tory Belleci stars in this spinoff. Back in 2003, the modelmaker started off in the background of the Discovery show. Soon, he was known as the “daredevil.” He loves to use explosives and explosive devices.

Movie fans have also seen his work. He helped build the models to create Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’s pod racers, and Federation Battleships. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition, mechanic Faye Hadley stars in the new spinoff. You may already know her from All Girls Garage. She is a Renaissance woman who is a car mechanic, tv show costar, teacher and entrepreneur. Although she got a psychology degree from Harvard, cars won out.

Lastly, professional race car driver, Bisi Ezerioha rounds out the trio. The Nigerian-American engineer is an entrepreneur and builds engines. He is the CEO and Chief Engineer for Bisimoto Engineering.

How To Get The MotorTrend App

In order to watch Motor MythBusters, you need the MotorTrend App. Next, in the United States, it is available on Prime Video Channel. In addition, you can find the app on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and on the web.

Moreover, the MotorTrend App is also available across the usual platforms, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

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