‘The Blended Bunch’: TLC Fans Already Dislike Erica’s Brother Quinn

The Blended Bunch YouTube TLC

The Blended Bunch introduces a new family to TLC viewers next month. Erica and Spencer Shemwell bring their 11 children together after dealing with heartbreaking losses that left them both as windows with a lot of children in tow. We learned recently that Spencer brings four children to the family and Erica brings seven. But, it was Erica’s brother Quinn that seems to be getting a lot of attention from viewers. Unfortunately for Quinn, it doesn’t sound like he made a very good first impression with the viewers at home.

The Blended Bunch: Viewers aren’t feeling Erica’s brother Quinn

As we previously reported, Erica’s brother Quinn Kendall seems extremely protective of his sister. The preview shows Quinn calling out Spencer for not realizing his wife is having panic attacks. The preview also addresses Quinn having some reservations about Spencer officially adopting Erica’s children.

Quinn, and the viewers at home, recognize that their biological father has passed away. But, Quinn seems to think it is disrespectful to his memory for Erica to move forward with letting Spencer adopt her children. Likewise it sounds like the biggest issue is the consideration of changing their last names to Shemwell.

Should he just be happy for his sister and her children?

There is no denying that Quinn Kendall is just being a protective brother and uncle. But, some fans wonder why he can’t just be happy for his sister and her children. Some TLC viewers noted in the comments of the Instagram preview that Erica finding someone to accept her and seven children is a blessing. Other viewers, however, admit they just aren’t feeling Quinn. And, they don’t understand why he can’t just be happy for his sister. Here’s what some future fans of the series had to say in the comments.

The Blended Bunch YouTube TLC

“I’m not understanding why her brother has so much anger towards her new husband!! It’s very sad that there both widowers but there both still revitality young and I absolutely think that they both needed to move on and find love. If she were my sister I’d be over the moon that she found someone to love her and her 7 children.” One follower exclaimed.

Another chimed in: “I’m already not liking the brother.”

There was some support for Quinn Kendall

Not everyone was out to get Quinn Kendall in the comments of the Instagram post. Some future fans of The Blended Bunch admit they understood Quinn’s point of view.

One follower fired off: “totally agree but I will say as far as changing the last name I understand that. The father of my son passed away 10 years ago and I have a new husband now and child and I would never change my sons name to his. That is his legacy and the only thing he really has left of his father.”

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Another added: “I didn’t hear any anger in his voice. They were just talking. No raised voices. Just a conversation.”

Others agreed the decision to keep the biological father’s last name just made sense. Technically, Spencer could adopt Erica’s children without legally changing their last names. So, perhaps there is room to compromise.

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