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Uncle Dale Seeks Warm Refuge With Busby Family

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Uncle Dale from OutDaughtered packed up the family and went across the state to the Busby family home in search of a warm place. There, they ended up doing some exercises with their rear ends toward the roaring fireplace. Meanwhile, Danielle feels just about over the snow in Texas and doesn’t enjoy it as much as their vacation. Right now, Texas freezes, and the entire power grid nearly went down.

Uncle Dale arrived at the Busby home as his power went out

Texas freezes from the winter storms that seem reluctant to release their grip. We reported that the Busby kids all dressed up warmly and went outside to play in the snow. But it seems like the unusually cold weather loses its charm. When we wrote our article, fans saw that the lights remained switched on in the Busby home. So, it looked like they got lucky. Adam Busby shared a clip of himself slipping on the ice and falling down while speaking to his “brother-in-law” on the phone.

Uncle Dale calls Adam On The Phone - he slips and falls
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

In the background, the lights remained on in the house. Maybe he spoke on the phone with Uncle Dale. Later, OutDaughtered mom, Danielle shared that Uncle Dale and his family arrived at their place. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she revealed everyone sitting in the house. She said that the Mills family lost their power at 9:00 p.m. And as it remained out, they went there looking for warmth.

Uncle Dale Seeks Warm Refuge With Busby Family
Credit: dbusby | Instagram Stories

Everyone warmed up with hot cups of coffee. Later, she revealed them in front of the fireplace doing some rear-end warming and exercise. And Adam broke out some spam so everyone could snack on something.

Danielle Busby sick of the snowy weather in Texas

TLC fans know that in the last season of OutDaughtered, the family enjoyed a vacation in the snow. So, Danielle shared a photo from happier times on her main Instagram page on Wednesday. She captioned it with, “Take me back to “vacation snow”, where snow is FUN in states where [it’s] supposed to be. Then she said that the snow and cold in Texas just isn’t the same “experience.”

Uncle Dale is always welcome in the Busby home but the weather seems horrid right now. CNN reported that the “cold snap…crippled power facilities in Texas and caused about 2.3 million outages as of Wednesday evening.” In fact, the “Texas grid was ‘minutes’ from failing.” Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that more cold weather is expected in the state in the coming days.

Danielle Busby - Adam Busby
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

Hopefully, the Busby home keeps its lights on. After all, Uncle Dale and his family were really lucky to find a warm refuge with the OutDaughtered family. Not everyone in Texas fared so well.

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