What’s TLC’s New Show ‘The Blended Bunch’ About?

The Blended Bunch

The Blended Bunch arrives on TLC in March and once again, it features a lot of kids. Some top-rated shows with plenty of offspring already air on the network. And, it seems they stick with what works. Like the Duggar family, Welcome to Plathville and Doubling Down With The Derricos, the new show features a couple coping with plenty of kids. But this show’s slightly different. So what’s it all about?

The Blended Bunch – a large family show with a twist

First up, the new show on TLC brings 11 kids in one family. That’s not as many as Deon and Karen Derrico. However, it seems there might be a bit more drama than the happy Derrico family deals with. The kids range between the ages of three and 12. Raised by Spencer and Erica Shemwell, seven of the kids arrived in the family from a previous union between Erica and her husband Tony. Meanwhile, Spencer had four kids with his wife Aimee. Sadly, Aimee and Tony passed away.

Widowed, Spencer and Erica met via “an online widower support group,” People reported. Just over a year later they tied the knot. The TLC show visits the way the two families blend. One person who crops up quite frequently is Erica’s, Quinn. Clearly, he took the death of Tony hard and cares deeply for his sister. He’s introduced to The Blended Bunch as the uncle of her seven kids. And he seems concerned for his sister who now copes with a family of 11 kids. At one stage, he talks to Erica who admits that sometimes it’s all a bit much.

The drama in the show – does Quinn get along with Spencer?

Quinn seems protective of Erica, but does this lead to any clashes with Spencer in The Blended Bunch? When Erica admits she can’t breathe sometimes, he seems angry with Spencer. Speaking to the cameras, he says, “Spencer, why do you not have a clue your wife has panic attacks?” He also takes issue with the fact that Spencer hopes to adopt Erica’s kids. Clearly, the family went through terribly traumatic times when Tony died. He passed away after his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

In The Blended Bunch, fans see that Quinn confronts Spencer about the adoption. He feels that if he died, he’d like his kids to retain their own family name. So, he says to Spencer, “I went through that whole traumatic experience with terminal cancer. And then here somebody wants to marry my sister. I mean, really, my true feeling is kind of like, ‘What are you doing?'” Well, it seems that Spencer went through his own tragedy when Aimee passed away. She died in a car accident. So, there’s a whole bunch of bereaved kids in a home with two parents who barely know each other.

The Blended Bunch What's The New TLC Show About
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Notably, The Blended Bunch is exactly the sort of drama that TLC thrives on.

Getting to know the kids in the new TLC show

Much like the Derrico family, be prepared to get to know a whole bunch of kids. Erica’s son Landon, at the age of 12 is the same age as Spencer’s son, Brayden. Next comes Emma, Erica’s daughter aged 10 who’s followed by Lily aged 9. Then, Erica’s child Sophie is the same age as Spencer’s second child, Harper. Both aged 8, the next two kids also share the same age. These are Tanner and Avery aged 6. In-between Erica’s kids, Amelia, 5, and Caleb, 3, comes Spencer’s youngest, Bexley aged 4.

You can tune in and watch The Blended Bunch when it premieres on March 16 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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