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‘The Blended Bunch’: Emotional Journey & Lots Of Smiles

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The Blended Bunch which premieres in March on TLC brings some tragic aspects, but expect a lot of smiles and fun as well. It takes a lot of love, strong parenting skills, and patience to raise 11 kids. While obvious problems arise, certainly, the kids look like they enjoy their new lives together. Both sets of Spencer and Erica’s kids lost a parent. And clearly, the newly married couple still mourns their lost life-partners. But they valiantly tackle the job of blending the kids into one happy family.

The Blended Bunch – tears, love, smiles, and fun

We reported that Erica brings seven kids to the union. And Spencer Shemwell has four. Aged between 12 and 3, the lively kids seem like a handful. Erica and Spencer met via an online widower support group after their respective spouses passed away. Erica’s husband Tony died from cancer. Meanwhile, Spencer weeps as he recalls the sudden car accident that took his wife Amelia. However life goes on, so The Blended Bunch brings more than heartache.

The teaser for the show reveals a bunch of kids who make friends and get along. And the older ones reached the age where they come out with sassy comments. One of those scenes reveals Erica and Spencer kissing like lovebirds. And the kids tell them that so “inappropriate.” But they also giggle.  Erica and Spencer married just 13 months after they first met. So, it’s nice that fans see how deeply they care for each other in The Blended Bunch. And the kids seem happy as they settle into their new mega-family.

Bustling, busy, but plenty of banter

Of course, the show brings drama. It wouldn’t be TLC without it, after all. Some family pressure against their marrying so quickly also comes with concerns about the adoption of Erica’s kids. But a good deal of the show reveals the family juggling things like shopping trips. And potty training the little ones. Actually, it gets raw with dirty behind inspections in the bathroom. Erica seems naturally good with the kids in The Blended Bunch. And she smiles a lot, dances about, and encourages the large brood with fun activities.

The Futon Critic mentions things like making “dinner for the lively brood,” tackling “bedtime and more.” TLC already brings other shows with lots of kids, like Counting On, Sweet Home Sextuplets, and Doubling Down With The Derricos. But The Blended Bunch comes with a slightly different dynamic. In their statement, TLC noted, “these days, the word family has expanded to mean many things.” TLC “constantly evolves.” And the network believes “the Shemwells are a wonderful reflection of the varied families in today’s world.”

The Blended Bunch Emotional Journey - Lots Of Smiles
Credit: TLC | Instagram

The show premieres on March 16 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. So, buckle up as The Blended Bunch looks like a fast-paced and family-friendly show.

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