‘Sister Wives’: Which Kids Consider Plural Marriage?

Sister Wives Kody Kids

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is all about plural marriage. Or at least he was until Season 14 of the show. But will any of his kids also enter the polygamous lifestyle? Some of them already married, and others seem too young for serious dating at the moment. But most likely all of them weigh up the pros and cons over time. Will any of them surprise TLC fans and take a second wife or husband?

Sister Wives kids consider plural marriage like their dad Kody Brown?

In total, Kody raises a lot of kids. With Janelle, there’s Logan, Maddie, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savannah. Logan’s engaged, Maddie married Caleb Brush, Hunter dates, and the rest seem uncommitted to anyone. Then, Kody and Christine produced six kids. Aspyn married Mitch, Mykelti married Tony Padron and expects her first baby, and Paedon is single. Gwendlyn explores her sexual preferences and doesn’t seem to date anyone. Meanwhile, Ysabel still attends school as does little Truely.

The Sister Wives star also adopted kids when he married Robyn Brown. In the new season of the show, Robyn said that she like a big functional family, so in time, presumably, her kids might consider polygamy. In fact, she seems like the only wife who hasn’t had enough of plural marriage. But they seem mostly too young to make any decision right now. Then there’s Meri with her only child Mariah who came out and became engaged to Audrey Kriss. Will any of them consider polygamy?

Christine seems unhappy in a plural marriage

Over the last few seasons, of Sister Wives,  TLC fans saw that Christine seems unhappy sharing Kody with the other wives. That might influence her kids. Speaking with ET, she said that none of her kids seem “open to plural” marriages. When Aspyn married Mitch, some people thought they might consider it. But from what Christine said, they probably canned the idea. Meanwhile, Janelle’s kids seem uninterested in it, and Maddie’s a definite no to the idea.

Sister Wives star Mariah once considered plural marriage. The List reminds readers that she “was open to polygamy, but she later walked that notion back In a tell-all” episode. So, it looks like nobody hopes for the same lifestyle, except possibly those younger kids in Robyn’s family. And fans know that even Kody Brown seems to find it exhausting. In fact, he said that he no longer advocates it. And as fans see in the current season, there’s still a lot of dissatisfaction and grumpiness in the family.

Sister Wives Which Brown Kids Consider Plural Marriage
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Kids look at their parents and often base their own life on what they experience at home. Well, with all the jealousy and different demands on Kody Brown’s time possibly the Sister Wives kids really don’t want that for themselves.

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