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‘OutDaughtered’ Critics Slam Adam & Danielle Busby

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OutDaughtered critics tore into Adam and Danielle Busby on Thursday, February 18. It came during the winter storms that caused power outages and suffering in Texas. Accused of selfishness, some people said they won’t watch the TLC show ever again. But is that really fair? What promoted such aggressive reactions? After all, information seems a bit scarce on the face of it.

OutDaughtered – Dale Mills & his family sought warmth during the power blackout

Texas goes through a torrid time at the moment. Freezing, living in homes not insulated against such cold temperatures, ice and snow hammer residents. Making it even worse, the power outages mean a lot of suffering as the grid nearly collapsed completely. We reported that Dale Mills and Danielle’s sister arrived with their family after freezing at home. They suffered a power outage. But it looks like Danielle and Adam got lucky.

However, Adam looked a bit frazzled after he fell hard on the icy patch outside the house. He laughed about it when he shared a clip of him taking a tumble. But clearly, he hurt himself. Nevertheless, he joined the rest of the OutDaughtered gang as they played at the Gravity Challenge. The activity probably helped keep them warm as well. Well, Danielle shared another photo about Uncle Dale and the family altogether at their place and some OutDaughtered critics slammed them hard.

Uncle Dale Seeks Warm Refuge With Busby Family

Critics slam Danielle and Adam Busby

If you follow the Busbys on their social media, you probably recall how they arranged U-Haul trailers, worked with schools, and fundraised money for the Hurricane Laura victims. Even the quints helped out and they carried an almost endless bunch of supplies to the van. Lots of OutDaughtered fans gave them kudos for compassion. And for teaching the kids values and empathy for less fortunate people. So, it seems a bit sad that critics slammed them as selfish during the Texas winter storms.

Danielle shared a photo that revealed they ate pizza and drank some wine. The OutDaughtered star captioned it with, “Pizza and Wine, it’s what’s for dinner. Cheers to #nationalwineday.” Well, a lot of fans asked if they were still okay and if they survived without a power outage. But some people slammed them. Maybe the concept of eating pizza and drinking a glass of wine offended them. So, what did those critics say?

‘Kinda sad’ and ‘selfish’ comments

One critic wrote, “How about the others in your community who don’t have the same luxuries that you do? Kinda sad.” But another critic really went to town on Adam and Danielle and slammed them much harder. Offended by the photo of the family, they expressed a lot of fury.

The Outdaughtered critic wrote, “Ummm—Do you all know folks in Texas are really struggling now? Danielle and Adam, you are both incredibly selfish!! Other folks on instagram are posting ways to help families in Texas, and you four literally don’t care! Will NEVER watch your show again! 😡”

OutDaughtered Critics Slam Adam - Danielle Busby
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

Well, nobody really knows what Danielle and Adam Busby do that they don’t advertise. Maybe they already sent in donations, or stay in contact with their church regarding people in need. Or, do you agree that the OutDaughtered family should do more and openly post about helping Texans? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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