‘MAFS’ Star Chris Williams Throws A Tantrum & Fans React

MAFS Chris Williams

MAFS’ Chris Williams threw a major temper tantrum on Wednesday night. It came during the Married At First Sight couples going on their honeymoons. Already hugely unpopular with fans of the Lifetime show, fans reacted to his latest outburst of bad behavior. He feels disrespected and takes it so far, he nearly ends up in fisticuffs.

MAFS – Chris Willams sets out to ruin everyone’s day with his temper tantrum

If fans hated Chris before, it just got a lot worse. We reported on January 29, that people grow sick and tired of his attitude. In fact, some fans felt that he’s “gross on so many levels.” And, it’s not just that he expects a child with his ex-fiancée. He kept on talking about his ex as though he’s still obsessed with her. And he told Paige he doesn’t find her attractive. So he gets a lot of criticism from fans. And he also seems determined to ruin everything for everyone else.

On Wednesday, the MAFS star took everything to a whole new level. Frankly, Married At First Sight fans seem beyond disgusted with his behavior.  The other couples didn’t really like the fact that when they married, Chris Williams’ ex was already six weeks pregnant. A few of the cast couldn’t believe it and joked about him being a new dad. So, Chris started sulking. And he said that as they all disrespected him, he’d “make life a living hell on this freaking bus.” He really became very aggressive.

A massive argument ended up in a screaming match, Page Six noted. In fact, if he’s not careful someone might deck him with a fist in the face.

MAFS Chris Williams Throws A Tantrum Fans React
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Married At First Sight fans react

Over on Twitter, furious fans slammed Chris a lot more than in the past. And more of them complained about the experts who paired them up. One person noted, “Chris is showing signs of abuse. I hope Paige doesn’t stay with him.” And another MAFS fan spoke about Chris’s aggression on the bus. They wrote, “The husbands just sitting back letting Chris talk to their wives like that? Nah. We’re fighting.” Then this comment came in: “Chris!! Wow! Aggressive with the words toward them.” And this one: “Chris is doing the most on the bus looking like [an] idiot

But other MAFS fans also feel it’s time to stop rooting for Paige against Chris Williams. After all, he’s awful to her, but she seems unwilling to let go. One Lifetime fan said, “Fighting hard for a “marriage” to a man with a bm who’s 6weeks pregnant who says he’s not even attracted to you directly after having sex?? Then he says he has thought about getting back with the ex?! Nah Paige, do better boo.”

What do you think about Chris Williams in MAFS being so aggressive? Do you think that if he keeps up his temper tantrums someone might end up fighting with him? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Paige you are an amazing person!

    Chris you need help! You are an Awful

    Example of a Man of God! You are SO full of Chris and lack in the Spirit! Humility is missing! The way you treat people especially your beautiful wife is unacceptable! Get over yourself! Pray!

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