Whitney Way Thore Slams Chase Severino’s Trolls

Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Thore and Chase Severino discussed their breakup during the Tell-All. And now she slammed trollers on his Instagram. Actually, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star seems way more forgiving of Chase than her many fans. But if they think they show Whitney support and love by trolling on the young dad, they do exactly the one thing that Whitney abhors. She spoke out in the past about it. And now, she really grew angry and slammed them.

Whitney Way Thore & Chase discuss their split during the Tell-All, critics troll hard

During the Tell-All, Chase said that he and Whitney grew apart a bit after he wanted her to move and live in his hometown. And even Whitney admitted on the MBFFL Tell-All that they weren’t really talking to each other when she went to Europe. Chase assumed that she’d be able to work almost anywhere. Meanwhile, Whitney felt miffed as he sprung the idea on her. So,  during that rather unhappy time, Chase then got another woman pregnant.

He also talked about the terrible hate he gets from My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans. Even worse, he gets threats and hate directed at his baby girl, Aurora. And that’s the limit for Whitney who reacted when Chase shared some of those horrid messages on his Instagram. People reported that Whitney Way Thore commented on the post by Chase. She said, “I wish I could be surprised, but I’m not in the slightest, having endured the same s–t for the last 7 years.” Additionally, the TLC star slammed those self-righteous trolls.

Trolls get slammed by MBFFL star

Whitney really seems upset with people who act like they never did anything wrong in all their lives. She said, “the worst part is that these people think they’re doing this from some moral high ground or even on my behalf which is insane.” Then she said she feels “sorry” for Chase Severino. Plus, she feels “proud of him.” And she seems admiring of the man he became.

Whitney Way Thore Slams Chase Severino Trollers
Credit: Chase Severino | Instagram

On her own Instagram account, Whitney Way Thore shared about the end of the season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She said that any “negative” comments would be “deleted.” Additionally, she noted, “we are healing, we are moving on, and leaving all of that negative stuff behind.”

Well, fans hope for another season of MBFFL, and hopefully, by then, the hate dies down a bit on Chase Severino’s Instagram. One fan wrote, “I hope you are back for a season 10 ❤️ I really connected with so much that you went through this past season. Be well and stay safe to you and everyone in your life.”

Whitney Way Thore Slams Chase Severino Trollers 2
Credit: Whitney Way Thore | Instagram

Whitney Way Thore went through a difficult time adjusting to her split from Chase. However, she moved on. And she really hates people who troll on him and his baby.

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