Maddie Brown Brush Completes A Second Exam

Maddie Brown Brush

Maddie Brown Brush, the mom of two kids still continues her studies. She sounded a bit tired after she had her head in her books for a while. But luckily both Evie and Axel were sleeping, so she relaxed a bit afterward. Fans who watch the Sister Wives show know that Evie K came with unusual problems. Parenting her baby girl with FATCO syndrome hasn’t been easy for her.

Maddie Brown Brush completes a second ‘bio exam’

If you don’t follow the Sister Wives family on social media, you might have only just seen Maddie introduce her baby Evie to the rest of the family. We reported that “for the sake of the Season 15 Premiere,” we’d recap all the health issues that came along for Maddie. Baby Evie, born with FATCO ended up with a Boyd Amputation so she could walk unaided. She arrived in the world missing some digits and some bones in one leg. As you can imagine, with little Axel’s and Evie’s problems, studying might be a huge thing for Maddie.

On February 16, Maddie Brown Brush took to her Instagram stories. There, she talked about her exams. In one slide, she wrote, “I finished my second bio exam last night.” Then she added, “I feel like I am re-emerging into society after having my head in my book.” Rewarding herself, she enjoyed a quiet time with a cup of coffee as the kids still slept in their rooms. That certainly sounds like Maddie raises her kids and sticks with her studies at the same time.


What is Maddie studying?

Maddie never mentioned what she studies. Recall that she went off to college in Utah. There, she looked forward to a career in law. However, she dropped out after one year. Your Tango reminds readers that Maddie didn’t take well to their move to Las Vegas. But eventually, she started enjoying school again when she became involved in student government. Maybe that motivated her to study law. But soon she met and married Caleb and now she’s a mom of two little kids.

Is she still studying law? Well, it’s not easy to know from her little caption. If she writes exams on bio, it might refer to bio-ethical policy. But, bio could mean something across a range of studies. Back on February 4, she mentioned on her Instagram that she went back to school, holds down a part-time job, and runs her social media platform. Plus, she’s the primary homemaker.

But now she relaxes a bit after her exam. The Sister Wives star also shared how later, Caleb helped out with the kids. Actually, Maddie Brown Brush’s husband seems like a really good dad as well. And TLC fans praise his parenting often.

In another slide, Maddie shared how good-naturedly, Caleb acted like a “food tray.” With Evie on one side of him and Axel on the other, he held the food container as they snacked away.

Maddie Brown Brush Completes A Second Exam
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram Stories

Did you know that apart from raising her two kids that Maddie Brown Brush also studies for exams? Sound off in the comments below.

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