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New Lifetime Thriller ‘His Killer Fan’ Is ‘Swimfan’ Meets ‘A Star Is Born’


Think that being a rock superstar is all that is cracked up to be? You may think twice about sharing your musical gift to the public when you see Lifetime’s His Killer Fan. This is a cautionary tale about one crazed superfan!

This new LMN movie stars Brooke Butler (Ozark. Animal Kingdom), Ryan Cooper (Christmas On Ice, One Life To Live), Teressa Liane (Vampire Diaries, Neighbours) and Deena Dill (Queen Sugar, Suburgatory).

Are you ready for a rockin’ cautionary tale?

What Is Lifetime’s His Killer Fan About?

Lifetime’s His Killer Fan promises thrilling musical chairs. What’s it all about? According to the LMN synopsis, up-and-coming musician Ariana Kent (Butler) gets the opportunity to perform a duet with Josh Halliday (Cooper) at his concert. She gets to go on stage and perform a duet with him! Ariana has dreamed of being a musician and on that stage. She also has more than a little crush on music superstar, Josh Halliday.
During the whole time, she thinks her dreams of romance with the rock superstar are finally going to come true.
Unfortunately, that is until he lays eyes on her best friend, Kaylee (Liane). She is right there in the front row. Moreover, Ariana invited her to the show! Josh sees her and now cannot take his eyes off of her. This crashes Ariana’s dreams of musical success with the man she loves. Her fandom has led to obsession.
Ariana wrote the song “Only For You” just for this occasion. She poured her whole heart into the song. But, this is not making Josh Halliday turn his gaze away from Kaylee! Kaylee and Josh have a “tabloid-worthy” romance, taking all the attention off of Ariana’s talent and song. Instead, it is focused on Kaylee and Josh’s love.
Subsequently, Ariana will not have this.  After repeated attempts to seduce Josh fail, Ariana pretends to support Josh and Kaylee’s romance. But as her obsession with Josh continues to grow, Ariana’s true intentions come to light.
And those intentions are deadly! Lifetime is calling this “Swimfan meets A Star Is Born.”
Catch the premiere of His Killer Fan on LMN, Friday, February 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Rick Springfield Was Inspiration For This Thriller

According to Paula Rahn, co-writer of His Killer Fan, Rick Springfield was the inspiration for this Lifetime movie. The Northern Michigander told the Northern Express that seeing the former General Hospital star at Castle Farms. Now, she has written her first thriller.

Rahn was not always a screenwriter. Although always creative, she moved to the Los Angeles area and worked in finance. Bored with that occupation, she started to take a standup. It was there, she met Marguerite Henry. Henry is the co-writer and director of His Killer Fan.

Rahn’s next goal? To write a Hallmark Christmas movie.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s His Killer Fan?

Don’t Forget to catch the premiere of His Killer Fan, on February 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.

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