‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Feeling ‘Empty’ At The Thought Of The Show Ending

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Fans of Yellowstone have fallen in love with the series ever since its debut in 2018. The series created by Taylor Sheridan follows the Dutton family and their massive cattle ranch. As the series progressed, fans fell in love with many of the characters. However, they loved to hate others. The love-hate relationship fans have with Jamie Dutton is by far one of the most intense. Fans were unsure of some characters but began to obsess over the likes of Rip and Beth’s relationship. Some characters, such as Chief Thomas Rainwater, started as villains but became temporary allies to the Duttons. Yellowstone will soon welcome its 4th season. However, the story is far from over.

Leaving Yellowstone Fans In Suspense

The Season 3 Finale of Yellowstone had fans sitting on the edge of their seats. The Dutton family is under attack once again. Kayce and Beth are both attacked in their offices and patriarch John Dutton is left bleeding on the side of the road as the episode comes to an end.

Fans have been in a constant state of anxiety ever since. With Season 4 not expected until this summer, fans still have a long wait until the fate of the Dutton family is revealed. The anxiety is becoming so strong that fans are going to Reddit to talk about it.

When Yellowstone Ends

As fans wait for a conclusion to Season 3’s massive cliffhanger, fans have started supporting each other on Reddit. One fan writes,

“I know it’s stupid and weird, but I’ve just finished season 2 and I already feel desperate because the show is ending.” The user continues saying, “I feel these kind of emotions every time I am watching series, but Yellowstone hit me really hard, conquered my soul and stolen my heart. I feel really empty without all these characters, as if I know them in real life.

So I just wanted to share it. Maybe some of you have a couple of tips how to overcome these depressing emotions?”

Showing Support

The Reddit thread became filled with support at the asking of this question. Many fans gave advice on how to cope with the ending of a series. Others simply let the Reddit user know they were not alone.

“No, it’s not! I felt the same because I invested emotionally in the show. So many times I cried a big baby cry, a box of tissue, such as when Beth was assaulted, her assistant was killed or Tate was abducted. I almost needed a therapy to watch the next episode, to avoid feeling the ache and pain. The show and the casts are so good! I even thought Yellowstone was written from the casts’ real life. Look at Keyce character alone, as if the actor was born a cowboy and this is the life he always lives. I finished all 3 seasons and left feeling empty too. You’re NOT alone! Enjoy the show! We can always re-watch before season 4 arrives.”

Sigh Of Relief

Although it may be upsetting to think of what will become of the Dutton family, fans should not be discouraged. Yellowstone was never meant to go on forever. However, the series is far from over. Taylor Sheridan has a plan to tell a story that does not end bleeding on the side of the road. Fans should look forward to several more seasons of the modern-western drama as well as the upcoming prequel Y:1883. Until then, keep your head up and look out for more news and updates from TV Shows Ace.

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