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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Net Worth, Is He Broke?

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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and especially Janelle worried about going broke in the last season of the TLC show.  And a rash of articles emerged about their heavy debts in Flagstaff. It all came about as it took a long time to sell the Las Vegas homes. And Kody splashed out a good deal of money on land in Arizona. So, what’s his net worth, and is he broke? Or did that situation sort itself out?

Sister Wives – Kody Brown broke?

Several times since Kody moved to Flagstaff, the question of finances arose. Most recently, fans discussed it when Christine basically asked fans to help her raise money for Ysabel’s back surgery. In July last year, Christine Brown took to her LuLaRoe Facebook group. There she mentioned that she hopes to find $50, 000 for surgery. Fans slammed Kody for not using his money wisely. Later, TLC fans heard that Ysabel successfully got her back surgery. And possibly fans helped with that.

In January this year, we reported that apparently, Kody Brown’s still broke. And, he “seems plagued by debt.” The Sister Wives patriarch has four wives and a lot of debt! “He still owes over $3,000 on the Brown’s home.” And he owes money on the Coyote Pass property. He and Robyn still owe about $1,000 on their home. And much of this apparently comes from taxes or rolled-over tax penalties. Actually, Radar Online often writes on the subject of tax debt.

What is Kody’s net worth?

The Cinemaholic checked out the net worth of Kody Brown. And, he’s technically not broke. In fact, the net worth of Kody sits at around $1 million. But, most likely, most of his cash is tied up in all those houses and properties in Flagstaff. Net worth’s great for borrowing money, but not all that practical if the wallet’s empty. If he sold off all the properties he owns and moved all his wives into one house somewhere else, he’d most likely be quite flush.

Nerdwallet explains that “the overall median net worth of U.S. households is $121,700.” But Kody’s many wives and kids might erode his $1 million. So, presumably, if you divide his net worth by four, he’s not really wealthy. Something that possibly plagues Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown relates to him being cash-poor and not in a position to save actual cash.

The wives run successful businesses

TLC fans know that Meri Brown bought her ancestral home and runs a BNB. But presumably, her mom Bonnie and the staff draw salaries. Small, the Parowan-based Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is unlikely to be a huge money-spinner. In fact, the wives like Christine and Meri probably make more money off their LuLaRoe businesses. Apart from the Sister Wives’ show, it’s not clear what Kody contributes to the family coffers, if anything.

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