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Kody Brown Doesn’t Think His Wives Want This Marriage Anymore

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Kody Brown doesn’t think his four wives are respecting or enjoying their plural marriage much these days. If you haven’t watched Season 15, Episode 1 titled, “Being Strong or Being a B*tch” yet, you may want to exit this article. This article contains spoilers from the Season 15 Premiere. 

Is the plural marriage not working anymore?

During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, he admits he wants this plural marriage to be about women who want to be with him because they love him and their sister wives. He doesn’t want them to feel like their religion commanded them to be in this relationship. Or, that they grew up accepting this lifestyle was “normal.” During the episode, Kody also admits he feels like the only adult in his family.

Janelle Brown rounds up the family to sit down and have a meal together. Viewers quickly learn this the first time they’ve spent any real time together in a while. Apparently, they live pretty distant lives. Things get pretty heated during the meal. Janelle isn’t happy with the family dynamics. But, the rest of the wives seem fine. And, Robyn? Well, she’s crying. But, fans aren’t surprised by that either.

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Kody Brown asks if his wives still want this

During the discussion, Kody asks his wives if they even want to continue having a relationship with each other. Janelle Brown admits it doesn’t feel like any of the sister wives want this. Christine takes a moment to apologize. Apologize for still getting super jealous. She recognizes it is an ugly trait. An ugly trait she really needs to ditch.

Christine agrees trying to make it work as one united family isn’t easy. But, she isn’t sure how to fix it. Christine ponders that it could be because she doesn’t care for herself as a person. She doesn’t know how to find a balance between being strong without coming off as a “b*tch.” Moreover, she doesn’t feel like she offers enough to her family as a whole.

Kody is over the complaining

As we previously reported, Kody recognizes he gets a lot of love out of this family. After all, he has four different loving wives. And, a lot of children. But, he does not think it feels the same for his wives. They are all pining for him. And he doesn’t give them the same amount of love they give him. And, part of the problem is the sister wives do not contribute in loving each other. So, they are only getting love from him. What they need is to also love each other.

Kody Brown Is Sick Of Complaining Wives, Done With Plural Marriage?

Kody Brown ponders if he would still go down the path of a plural marriage if he could do it all over again.

Do you think this family is falling apart? Share your thoughts and stick with us for the latest Sister Wives news.



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