Hannah Brown Speaks Out About Chris Harrison Scandal

Hannah Brown Bachelorette

Hannah Brown, Bachelorette alum, said something about the Chris Harrison scandal. She said that she believes in supporting the “underrepresented voices” in the franchise. But some fans slammed her as they felt it was too wishy-washy and not strong enough. Probably, some fans still don’t forgive her for when she said the “N-word.” Rachel Lindsay slammed her for it. And now, an interview with Rachel by Chris Harrison ended up with him stepping down as the host.

Hannah Brown Bachelorette alum speaks about ‘underrepresented voices’

When Hannah Brown posted a series of clips on her Instagram Stories, she got a poor reception from Redditors. US Weekly reported that in her clips, she spoke about “underrepresented voices.” She said, “I have learned this past year if we wanna move forward, we have to confront where we have fallen short, and it’s so important that we lift up and listen and value and encourage underrepresented voices.” She also encouraged Bachelor fans to “educate” themselves about it.

Over on Reddit, Bachelorette fans slammed her. They felt that Hannah Brown didn’t go far enough And, they believed she came over as insincere. One of them on the r/thebachelor subreddit said, “I’m not even sure it counts given she said absolutely nothing 🙄.”

Then another person commented on Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s statements about Chris Harrison. They noted, “If I watched that without any of this context, I would have no clue what she was talking about. How to say everything and nothing at the same time.”

In reply, a Bachelorette fan said, “right? like she somehow was still able to make this about herself and is centering herself in all of this.”

Fans claim the Bachelor franchise needs to be revamped

In the mega-thread, many of the cast from ABC’s Bachelor Nation ended up discussed. Interestingly, a lot of people feel that the whole show needs a revamp. One of them said, “does anyone remember Andi’s season???? In your face racism. The Bachelor franchise needs a revamp, no more highly christian overtones, if you know what I mean.”

Well, if you don’t know what that means, it probably refers to the fact that so many Trump supporters are Christians. Like it or not, these days it seems all Trump supporters come branded as “racists.” That sort of ideology arose back in 2019 when even some churches started calling for an end to Christian Nationalism. As a confessed Christian, Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette probably gets more negativity these days than before the rise of the “woke” culture.”

Hannah Brown, Bachelorette On Chris Harrison
Credit: Hannah Brown | Instagram

Well, Hannah Brown Bachelorette alum said her piece about Chris Harrison, and many people felt she never went far enough. It’s not clear how far she should fall on her sword to appease everyone. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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