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Adam Busby Valentine’s Day Gesture Seems Charming

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Adam Busby took Danielle out last year on Valentine’s Day. But this year, he did such a sweet gesture that she felt moved. OutDaughtered fans know that Adam Busby still loves Danielle and she gives him “butterflies.” So, obviously, he always remembers Valentine’s Day. This year Danielle caught him in the kitchen preparing something for the kids.

Adam Busby Valentine’s Day love  

This time last year, we reported that Danielle and Adam went to a nice looking restaurant. Actually, fans loved her emerald green dress. She said, “Better post this…. because Mama here don’t dress up like this often 🤪.” Fans loved the dress and the fact that they obviously went somewhere really nice for Valentine’s Day. Many of them commented on how this TLC couple seems so deeply in love. 

It’s not clear that Adam Busby and Danielle went anywhere special this Valentine’s Day. But, Adam still managed to move Danielle with his charming late-night gesture. The OutDaughtered mom shared a photo that showed him in the kitchen. In her caption, Danielle said, “Caught this guy @adambuzz up late making all kinds of noise💕Sorry other Dads…THIS ONE ☝🏻 may trump you all 🥰.”

Six sets of Valentine’s Day packages

Danielle’s photo revealed Adam standing in front of a long row of six Valentine’s day gift bags. He held a bunch of roses in one hand. And in front of each bag lay roses, something that looked like books, and what might be chocolates. TLC fans commented on the post and here’s what some of them said about Adam Busby:

  • “I can’t even get this done for me on valentines day😂. Lucky girls ❤️.”
  • “So sweet. They are going to be so happy tomorrow 🌺.”
  • “That’s real love in a picture❤️.”
  • “Showing his daughters the example of a good loving caring man they can always count on.”
  • “Very cute & so so thoughtful! Showing the girls how they should be treated ❤️.”
  • “I need a husband like Adam. Good man you have. That’s Awesome. ❤️.”
  • “Such a great guy! Lucky ladies. Happy Valentine’s day ❤️.”
  • “The girls aren’t settling for less when they grow up, go dad 👍🏻.”
Adam Busby Valentine's Day
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

Some OutDaughtered fans also told Danielle that like Adam Busby, their husbands do the same thing for their girls on Valentine’s Day.

Dads and daughters

While it’s not that common in some countries, in the USA, dads giving their daughters gifts becomes something of a modern tradition. notes that “daughters are especially appreciative when their father remembers how special the holiday can be for them.” Sometimes, moms and dads like Danielle and Adam Busby go all out and host parties for their kids on Valentine’s Day.

Do you do something similar in your house? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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