New Petition Emerges To Keep Chris Harrison On ‘The Bachelor’

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A new petition emerged to counter the one to remove Chris Harrison from The Bachelor franchise. And, signatures to keep him already roll in. The original one, now three days old already topped 35k signatures. The whole mess emerged after Chris upset fans when he discussed Rachael Kirkconnell with Rachel Lindsay last week. After the fallout, he issued an apology and some fans believe that’s where it should all end. Actually, judging by the signatures on the new petition to keep Chris, a lot of people grow fed up with the “cancel culture.”

New petition  – Chris Harrison supporters want him on The Bachelor

We reported that all the fuss came when Rachel Lindsay objected to Chris talking about Rachael Kirkconnell. Chris said, “We all need to have a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion.” And he talked about how people are just tearing this girl’s life apart.”

Clearly, he disliked the fact that people dig into “her parents’ voting record.” Rachel Kirkconnell, a promising frontrunner on Matt James’ season brought controversy from critics who believe her behavior indicates a racist past. She participated in an Old South antebellum ball. Something that people feel represents the old history of slavery in the USA.

The long and the short of the petition to remove Chris Harrison seems focused on the perception that he defended racism and slavery. Well, Rachel Lindsay seems very anti The Bachelor franchise these days, and she wouldn’t let it go. Eventually, Chris issued an extensive apology. But, he felt that back when the party happened, before the “woke” days, many people attend that sort of thing.

However, cancel culture fans flocked to sign the removal petition. Started by Luan Martinez, it quickly gained many signatures. The new petition for Chris Harrison’s continuation on The Bachelor franchise followed on Friday, February 12.

Fans comment as they sign the new petition

Over on the new petition on, many people talk about the “cancel culture.” Amie Arthurs updated the petition by writing, “Great job guys every person counts! Let’s keep sharing! Different platforms of social media, let’s cancel cancel culture!” Amie also added, “Keep Chris! He is the OG of this franchise! He made a mistake and apologized, we don’t need to dwell on it!”

Well, a lot of people who signed it also talked about the “cancel culture.” Some of them also slammed Rachel Lindsay. One of them noted, “Chris Harrison has always been diplomatic. He had done nothing wrong. Let’s cancel Rachel L for her one sided views.”

Another person who signed the new petition to keep Chris Harrison as the host for The Bachelor franchise also talked about Rachel Lindsay. They noted, “signing because!!! He apologized & Rachel has done nothing but try & bring him down for several years.” And others also commented how everyone should be allowed to express an opinion.

New Petition Emerges To Keep Chris Harrison On The Bachelor
Credit: Amie Arthurs | Change Org

What are your thoughts? Do think The Bachelor franchise should keep Chris Harrison or not? Will you sign the new petition that urges ABC to retain him on the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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