Janelle Brown Answers ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Burning Questions

Sister Wives Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Janelle Brown has always been the straight-shooter of the Sister Wives family. She’s openly admitted she preferred working to being a stay-at-home mom. And, when she is not happy, she says it. Now, the second Brown wife is answering viewer questions as honestly as she can. What will they ask and what will she say?

Favorite Sister Wives Memory and Biggest Challenge

When asked what her favorite memory from the now fifteen seasons, that was easy for Janelle. No, it was not when daughter Maddie announced her engagement or got married. It was actually when they went to Alaska. All the kids were there and she loved the scenery. It was the family time that made it worthwhile and she admits her family still talks about the trip.

What about sharing her life on the show? Being a part of a plural family is extremely hard, but then to put it out for everyone to see and judge. That cannot be easy. Janelle says the hardest part for her is she is an introvert. She prefers quiet time with a book. But, it was very important to go public with their lifestyle so becoming extroverted was essential. Yet, it does not get easier. So, she is constantly attempting to keep a balance.

Sister Wives Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

Balancing Motherhood, Work, and Self-Care

She’s already balancing her two sides but how about everything else? Luckily, the only minor child she still biologically has at home is sixteen-year-old Savanah. As for work, she was a licensed realtor in Las Vegas but has since started a health and wellness business called Strive. She admits she does not have a true answer and it is even harder with Covid. But, she makes the time by setting aside “appointments” as she calls them for working out. Since gyms have closed, she looks to the outdoors and the community to keep her going.

Sister Wives in Quarantine- How Is It?

Quarantine rocked the world and for Janelle, she was used to running around a lot. Suddenly, the everything stood still and she admits she went a little stir-crazy at first. But, now, she likes the quiet and simple life. She actually intends to implement some of it into her life when everything starts its shift to normalcy. Janelle did say she is more of an introvert than an extrovert. One question that came in was advice to her younger self. Having helped to raise over a dozen children, six being her own, this was her answer.

She would have done more. Her logical and practical self got in the way a lot and stopped her from certain adventures. But, she would tell her younger self to go to college, buy the car, do whatever it is to make yourself happy. Sound advice. Don’t miss the entire Brown family on the Season 15 premiere of Sister Wives tomorrow night at 10pm on TLC and discovery+.

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