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Netflix Drops ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever Lara Jean’ In Time For Valentine’s Weekend

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Netflix has dropped To All The Boys: Always And Forever, just in time for Valentine’s weekend. They dropped it on Friday, February 12. In one of the most romantic movie trilogies ever, we get see Lara Jean (Lana Condor, Moonshot) and Peter (Noah Centineo, Swiped) figure out if they have a future together.

What do we know about the new movie?

What Is To All The Boys: Always And Forever, Lara Jean About?

Netflix has finally released the final To All The Boys movie. This story is about the final end of high school. According to the Netflix trailer Lara Jean, her sisters and her dad go to Korea during their spring break. The sister magic is here! Moreover, this is a way to honor their late mother’s heritage. Like all travelers, this is a time for family, fun and plenty of adventure.

Suddenly, back home, Lara Jean feels the enormity of each and every one of her current decisions. Everything weighs Lara Jean down. Her biggest problem is figuring out college.

Peter already has his plans all laid out. He has been accepted to Stanford. Unfortunately, Lara Jean is not so interested in the Left Coast. She is thinking about spending the next four years in New York City. In fact, she says, “I could really see myself living there.”

Did she really mean it?

Moreover, the Universe is telling her that she needs to make some alternative choices. She did not get accepted by Stanford. What does she do next? Scramble to find a Bay Area college just to be close to Peter Kavinsky? Or does she need to figure out what she needs for herself?

But, Peter always says and does the right things. Can she ever marry together their individual needs and make it work? Is Peter worth it? Of course he is!

Lots Of Love In To All The Boys: Always And Forever, Lara Jean

Lara Jean and Peter are seniors and that means prom! That is a huge part of Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always And Forever, Lara Jean is prom. Does Peter ask her? And how does he ask her to go?

We see a couple of very special prom invites in the trailer. They promise romance and absolute giddiness. We also have some romance closer to home. Lara Jean’s widowed dad (John Corbett) is dating again. He is going out with the cool neighbor.

How do Lara Jean and her sisters feel about their dad getting out there again? Speaking of the sisters, this is the last time they are living together. Do they get all of that sisterly angst resolved?

This Is A Beloved Romantic Series

To All The Boys: Always And Forever, Lara Jean completes one of the most beloved romantic movie series ever. How will you spend your Valentine’s weekend? Will you rewatch the first two and then see the newest movie? Or will you start out with the newest movie and then watch the three in order?


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