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‘Return to Amish’: Exclusive – Is Mama Mary Schmucker In New Season?

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Return to Amish Season 6 arrives on March 22, but will fans see Mama Mary Schmucker? After two years of not seeing the TLC show, the new season announcement brought a huge treat to fans. The show brings people who lived in their community and ventured out into the big wide world. Some of them return. But fans didn’t see Mary in the teaser. Speculation emerged that she might not be on the show, so what’s the deal? We have the exclusive answer from a source close to the show.

Return To Amish – Mama Mary Schmucker not in the Season 6 teaser

We reported that Jeremiah and his wife Carmella return. It looks like his search for his biological family reveals a tragedy. Actually, that might bring his search to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Plus fans see more of pregnant Sabrina. It’s the fourth time now. And, as she and Jethro navigate their relationship, fans see him celebrate a full year of sobriety. But the trailers and teasers never showed any sign of Mama Mary Schmucker.

New characters arrive, like Rosanna and Maureen. In Return to Amish Season 6, they get their first taste of life in the non-Amish world. But with no word of Mama Mary, fears rise that her story’s over for now. Recall, that Mama Mary walked away from her nice life, dumped her car, and tried returning. But the Amish community met her return with suspicion. In fact, they didn’t believe her at first. beat in mind, she quite enjoyed herself socializing on the outside.

Shunned at first, Mary probably stayed in the community – Is she out of the show?

Starcasm revealed in April last year that Mama Mary Schmucker’s daughter Katie Ann fell pregnant again. The news came from “Katie’s sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker.” But fans might not see Mama Mary celebrating the arrival of another grandchild. After all, such a momentous occasion would surely feature in teasers for the show? Fans really started to fear that she won’t be in Season 6.

Access dropped a teaser on YouTube and fans asked about Mary. One of them commented, “I am glad Jeremiah and Sabrina are back. Is Mary coming back?” And another one simply wrote, “Mama mary???”

However, word goes around that the community finally accepted her return as genuine, that might be why she’s not in the teasers. We followed up on that and spoke to an exclusive source close to the show. This weekend, our source confirmed that Mama Mary Schmucker won’t be in Season 6 of Return to Amish. So, it’s official.

While fans might feel a bit sorrowful that Mama Mary Schmucker won’t be on the show this time, they always enjoy the newbies. With at least two new people getting their taste of life on the outside, there’s probably still plenty that keeps fans entertained in Season 6 of Return to Amish.

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