‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer Deletes Instagram Account

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer’s a fan-favorite. Even though she left TLC after Aeason 3, fans still love her good humor and funny quips. So, they like seeing her post on Instagram. But she’s over it now and closed her account. It seems that she simply can’t handle people posting about her, writing about her, or becoming inquisitive about her life. But some TLC fans expect that soon, she returns, as so many of the cast do.

Unexpected – Rilah deletes Instagram after issues with Anthony Vanelli

Rilah’s baby daddy Anthony ended up arrested. Rilah accused him of domestic violence. But more recently, he became involved in a situation where allegedly he pulled a gun on someone. And mostly ever since the first allegation of domestic violence, they quibble a lot. They try co-parenting Malayah (separately), but sooner or later, they clash on social media. Somehow, their clashes end, for a while they get on, and then it starts up again.

For some time, rumors ran around that the Unexpected alums got together again. But toward the end of last year, Rilah Ferrer denied it very strongly. Because she’s popular and accumulated a lot of fans, outlets often picked up stories from her posts. And Starcasm delved into Anthony Vanelli’s arrest record. Maybe she simply grows tired of the blowback on her own life. But for whatever reason, she’s just done with Instagram now.


Angry Rilah asks blogger to tell everyone she’s done with Instagram

Fans know that Rilah particularly seemed upset in the past when tabloids took innocuous posts and flipped them into a big clickbait story. Maybe she decided once and for all that she just had enough of it. @tlc.unexpectedtea shared the message from Rilah about leaving Instagram. In it, Rilah said, “I don’t wanna be posted about anymore.” She also said that she’s “done with being put out there.” Plus, she asked them to screenshot it and let everyone know that she “deleted” her Instagram account.

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer fans seemed very sorry to hear the news. One of them said, “Aw Rilah’s the best TLC mama in my opinion! Whatever she chooses to do I’ll stand by her though.” And another one noted, ” i…always [waited] for her funny *ss comments. this is sad 😔 rip rilahs insta.” Meanwhile, other fans think bloggers should just “stop posting” about people who left the show. But fans want info on the TLC stars. Just because they leave doesn’t lower expectations on more news.

Some Unexpected fans suspect that before long, Rilah Ferrer returns to Instagram again. But they couldn’t recall if she previously left. Some of the stars from the show leave and return repeatedly. Actually, it seems like Rilah also disappeared off YouTube.

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer Deletes Instagram Account
Credit: tlc.unexpectedtea | Instagram

What do you think about Rilah Ferrer deleting her Instagram account? Do you hope she returns soon? Sound off in the comments below.

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