Jill Duggar Opens Up About Her S*x Life, How Many Times Have Her and Derick Done “It” In One Day?

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Former Counting On stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have certainly made a name for themselves as the more progressive Duggar family members. This includes opening up about their firey love life in a recent YouTube video.

S*x and marriage

The duo married back in June of 2014 and have since had two sons: Israel, 5, and Samuel, 3. And ever since Jill Duggar seems to be forging her own path. This newfound sense of freedom seems to be a result of spending less time under her parents’ rule. So far she has chopped off several inches of her hair, wore pants, and even wore denim shorts. Additionally, she and Derick have implied that they even use birth control. So wild!

Now, according to US Magazine, the Counting on alum even promotes s*x as a super important part of a healthy marriage.

Check out the couple’s latest spicy comments from the YouTube video below. As the couple drove around, Derick asked his children if they knew what lead to them being born? Of course, the kids did not have a clue.

He went on to explain it to them as, “We had a date and then you started growing inside of mommy’s tummy.” Jill Duggar added in saying that they “had a bunch of dates” before welcoming their babies into the world. Her husband smirked and fired back, “We did have four dates in one day, I think, that one time.”

However, Jill Duggar quickly snapped back telling her husband to chill out a little bit. But then a few moments later she turned to the camera and whispered, “Hey, we have a good s*x life.” She promptly followed that statement with an exclamation of “praise the Lord!”

It seems this pair just might be the most open Duggar twosome when it comes to intimacy and sharing with their followers.

Jill Duggar’s Progressive Date

TV Shows Ace previously reported on Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s progressive date night. The couple went on a “progressive” date night, which is an idea they found using an app they both promote.

According to Jill, the app focuses are supporting and encouraging intimacy and relationships for married couples. Their idea to do the progressive date night came directly from the app as a suggestion.

Jill explained a progressive date night as the following, “it’s where you get a different food/drink item for your date food at each stop!” The pair was even able to do this date night without fighting a babysitter for the kids. They just brought them along in the car and got them McDonald’s. Then, Jill and Derick picked up food and drinks from a variety of different places around town. They also answered questions in the app to get their conversations going.

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