‘Teen Mom OG’: Gary Shirley Denies Kristina’s Pregnant

Teen Mom OG Gary Shirley - Kristina

Teen Mom OG‘s Gary Shirley moved on with Kristina after he and Amber Portwood split. And, for a short time, MTV fans assumed that Kristina fell pregnant. It came after a rather bizarre photo that he shared of himself kissing her belly. It’s a typical pregnancy-style picture. But he later denied that she fell pregnant and edited his Instagram to explain it.

Teen Mom OG – Gary kisses Kristina’s belly, fans assume she’s pregnant

Gary plays around and enjoys a bit of a joke these days. Something he seldom experienced with his ex, Amber Portwood. Leah’s dad still offers support for Amber against her many critics. Recall, Amber ended up arrested for domestic battery against Andrew Glennon. But, although he and Amber never worked out, he still feels that because of Leah, she’s an important part of his life. So, he keeps things civil.

Nowadays, the Teen Mom OG star seems totally in love with Kristina and enjoys the company of her family and their friends. Way more jovial than previously, he now claims he just messed about with a “silly” photo. It revealed him kissing Kristina’s belly. And she made a funny face. The Sun UK reported that “[Gary Shirley] was forced to edit his caption to reveal she was not pregnant after fans began to speculate.” And who can blame them for that speculation?

Kissing a woman’s belly seems obvious as a preggo photo, Gary denies it

As you can see in the post below, anyone might assume a pregnancy announcement from the way Gary kissed Kristina’s belly. As MTV fans started suggesting she fell pregnant, Gary edited the caption. This time, he wrote at the bottom, ” btw @kristina_shirley3 IS NOT PREGO!” He also mentioned that they ” took like 900 pics this day so yes there’s a bunch of silly ones.” He also said that he “loves” everyone who features in the set of pictures.

However, Teen Mom OG‘s Gary Shirley now kickstarted a rumor that Kristina’s pregnant. In the comments section, many fans already sent in their congratulations. And despite his denial, at least one fan doesn’t believe him. They said, “She’s pregnant.”  While some die-hard fans said a man may kiss his woman anywhere, really, it’s usually a pose that couples use during pregnancy. Another fan wrote, “Okay..why would you ever kiss a woman’s stomach who isn’t pregnant??? Just curious.” Well, one grumpy person accused the fan of being deplorable for even asking. But it’s a fair question.

Teen Mom OG - Gary Shirley Denies Kristina's Pregnant
Credit: Gary Shirley | Instagram

Sometimes even friends or strangers try and kiss pregnant bellies

Kissing bellies when people fall pregnant seems very common between couples these days. But, as Cafemom explained in an oped, some random strangers and friends also do it. Their writer felt it way too intrusive and intimate. But, it’s a common way of expressing love and appreciation for the unborn child. So, it’s no wonder that Teen Mom OG fans thought Gary Shirley kissed Kristina’s belly because she’s pregnant.

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