Maddie Brown’s Daughter Evie Feels A Bit Miserable

Maddie Brown - Daughter Evie - Son Axel

Maddie Brown’s daughter, Evie, lost her smile for the camera and looks a bit miserable right now. Maddie told her TLC fans that nobody’s getting much sleep at the moment. Hopefully, she gets over her difficult time and perks up again soon. So, what’s ailing the 18-month-old?

Maddie Brown’s daughter Evie K seemed a bit off this week

We reported that all of a sudden, Evie went all camera shy. While kids go through that phase in life, previously, her sunny little face always turned to the camera with a big smile. But when Maddie shared a photo of her with Caleb and the kids, Evie turned her face away. In fact, she tried hiding behind her mom’s hair and shoulder. Perhaps she didn’t take a sudden aversion to photos and just felt a little bit off? It’s possible, as Maddie popped up in her Instagram Stories on Wednesday and talked about miserable Evie K.

Little Evie K is teething. Maddie Brown captioned her slide with, “…5 teeth coming in.” And more teething issues ail the Sister Wives‘ kiddo. She also experienced some “molars” breaking through “on Monday.” So, Maddie said, “It’s definitely been a long week with little sleep.” Maybe Evie felt exhausted. In Maddie’s picture, her daughter lay fast asleep cuddled up to her mom.

Big brother Axel’s not miserable

If Maddie posted her pictures on her main Insgrgam, no doubt plenty of Sister Wives fans would send in tips on teething toddlers. After all, TLC fans adore her. And they love how she and Caleb parent their two kids. But fortunately, Maddie doesn’t cope with two miserable kids at the moment. While his sister seems very down and sad, Axel’s full of smiles. In one of her photos, Axel smiled hugely as he and his mom settled down for “afternoon movies and cuddles.”

Maybe Evie K managed to get some sleep while mom and son enjoyed their movie. Later, the cute kid even helped Maddie Brown brush out her hair. Maddie captioned the clip with, “My own personal stylist.” Once again, as Maddie shared it in her stories, fans can’t comment. But plenty of TLC fans would no doubt gush over cute Axel if they could. At the age of three, he seems well over his terrible twos and on the way to becoming a well-balanced little man. The first-born grandchild of Kody Brown holds a special place in the hearts of Maddie’s family and Sister Wives fans.

Maddie Brown Daughter Evie Feels A Bit Miserable
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram Stories

With Maddie Bown and Caleb Brush successfully navigating parenthood, they become increasingly popular. Especially since Evie arrived. Born with FATCO syndrome, Maddie and Caleb faced some difficult choices with their newborn daughter. Nowadays, when she’s not feeling miserable from teething, she scoots around on her false foot with ease.

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