‘Life After Lockup’: Destinie Folsom Married But Not To Shawn

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

Life After Lockup celeb Destinie Folsom has a complicated storyline on the WEtv spinoff. And the latest tea says she is married – but not to Shawn Osborne.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Married?

The latest tea from YouTuber, According to Amber, details some new things going on with Life After Lockup cast member Destinie Folsom. According to the latest on this troubled WEtv star, it looks like she is officially a wife. But it turns out that Shawn Osborne isn’t the lucky guy.

When Destinie Folsom took off with Shawn Osborne’s car and credit card on Life After Lockup, Shawn did some digging. And he found pics of Destinie with other men. Turns out, Destinie Folsom married one of those men. She keeps a lot of guys on the hook. But it seems she said yes to one.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom
Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom/YouTube

Shawn Osborne Not Destinie’s Type?

Destinie Folsom said on Life After Lockup that she likes heavyset guys. And in that regard, Shawn Osborne doesn’t fit the bill. She even joked that she would have to start feeding Shawn more in order for him to fit into what she looks for. But, based on who she married, he definitely checks that box.

According to Amber went on to say that Destinie married a guy named Jose. This is the same guy Shawn Osborne found pics of when he dug into Destinie – after she took off with his credit card and car. Even so, Destinie was talking to other men while she talked to Shawn. So it seems like she always had several guys in her pocket at any given time. Still, Facebook updates say she got engaged to Jose back in August of 2016.

As Life After Lockup viewers know, inmates often have multiple people on the hook when they are in prison. Whether it’s for monetary reasons, companionship, or a combination of both, talking to people on the outside is a way for many convicts to pass the time. But as watchers know, things can change drastically when criminals are back on the outside.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom - Jose
Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom – Jose/YouTube – According to Amber

Life After Lockup Star Looking for More?

Turns out, a company called Jailbird Prison Pen Pal Services recently spotlighted Destinie Folsom on their Facebook page. They said in their post that Destinie is “kind of famous”. And that people might recognize her from her time with Shawn Osborne on Life After Lockup.

So even though Destinie is technically Jose’s wife, it seems she still fishes for more people to talk to during her current stint behind bars. Interestingly, she said in the past that Shawn was nothing more than a “trick”. So she could be testing the waters to see who else she can hook. Perhaps she is even looking for someone new to appear in Life After Lockup episodes once she is out.

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