Tammy & Amy Slaton Slammed For Being Dirty & Unkempt

Tammy - Amy Slaton

Tammy & Amy Slaton weigh in at close to the weight of a car, but fans wonder why they never clean up for episodes of 1000-LB Sisters. Tammy put on weight and obviously struggles with bathing and dressing herself. But, is there any excuse for wearing clothes with holes in them or stains on them? What’s up with the filthy feet, crusty old clothes, and fingernails? Surely someone on the production crew could at least suggest they clean up before filming, fans think.

Tammy & Amy Slaton seem dirty and unkempt, fans think

My 600-LB Life aired for years now. And, fans know some of them can’t reach their intimate parts without help. Some of them require special washing facilities. But, they mostly look reasonably clean. And, they wear oversized clothes.

But, fans have become a bit disgusted with 1000-LB Sisters. And, not just with their weight. Amy admittedly lost weight. But, Tammy put on even more weight. And, the fact that she ate 32 meals in two or three days explains why.

But, large or not, surely someone could help them choose outfits without holes? Or, outfits that look recently laundered. Moreover, why can’t Amy wash those filthy feet? Fans noticed that even her husband Micheal looks dirty. And, the house seems noticeably dusty and crusty, critics think. Tammy tried washing her shiny and oily face in anticipation of Jerry Sykes’ visit. But, fans noticed holes in her clothes, stains in her clothes, and her was rather greasy hair.

Holes and dirt look unseemly, critics think

One fan on Twitter said, “The holes in Tammy’s clothes … is this purposely for reality tv???” And other people also commented about it on Facebook Watch. There, one critic asked, “Why do their clothes always have holes in? Please someone provide them with new clothes!” And another 1000-LB Sisters fan noted, ” You gonna greet your man who just drove 8 hours to see you in a shirt with multiple holes in it!!”

More comments about Tammy & Amy Slaton rolled in like this one: “When she said she was gonna go wash up, I was like thank goodness. But then she still had the [hole] shirt and greasy slicked back hair. ☹”

And on Twitter, people complained about Amy and her husband. One tweet read, “When is Amy gonna wash her feet?”

More comments followed, and one fan wrote, “When you need more than a nutritionist. Michael’s long dirty fingernails. Amy’s dirt encrusted feet. The list goes on. #1000lbsisters *shudders* Can we get all of them some guidance on hygiene please?” 

But Tammy & Amy Slaton might not actually afford many new clothes. That doesn’t excuse the dirt. But, as one fan pointed out back on Facebook Watch, “anyone know if they get paid for this? to me, other than the doctor’s appts, it seems like they’re hardly making ends meet.”

Tammy - Amy Slaton Slammed For Slovenly Appearance fb
Credit: TLC | Facebook Watch

What are your thoughts? Do Tammy & Amy look slovenly because that’s the way TLC angle the 1000-LB Sisters show? Are they so broke they can’t afford new clothes? Or do they just naturally accept dirt and filth as part of their lives? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. I’m tired of Tammy,she should be left on her own to eat and stay as inactive as possible, perhaps then she will be happy.Its kinda sick to watch show after show of her pouting and giving everyone and any thing a ugly look ,it’s time to say goodbye, perhaps the show can do a update down the road like you know her funeral.Just plain sad.

  2. We all know TLC pays them well for putting their lives on blast every week. It shouldn’t take much to clean up a one bedroom apartment, get a shower and put on some clean undies every morning, especially when you know you’re going have a camera crew there.

  3. All I know from watching is that Tammy dose not want to be saved, she finds every excuse not to diet ,an just wants to impress men on the internet , the last two were losers , and if she just stays in that bigger women website, well she is doomed , I’m surprised she has lasted this long

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