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Is Jerry Sykes, Tammy Slaton’s Man Still Married?

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Jerry Sykes, Tammy Slaton’s boyfriend, was featured in this week’s episode of 1000-LB Sisters. Tammy seemed very excited about his pending arrival. While she made out he never visited Kentucky before, it’s not clear if that’s the truth. After all, a whole year passed since TLC fans on Reddit discussed that she claimed she actually slid between the sheets with him. And, fans knew since February last year that he married and bred a lot of kids. But, is he still married?

Jerry Sykes & Tammy Slaton – married affair

We reported in February last year that Tammy took to Twitter and shared some photos of Jerry. At the time, she admitted that he dated her. And, when fans accused her of being a homewrecker, she never denied it. So, pretty much, most fans of 1000-LB Sisters know he married. At the time, she told critics, “Are you aware that I…know he is married and his wife is very sick so you ain’t telling me nothing I don’t know.”

Word came out that because his wife’s sick, Jerry turns to Tammy Slaton for that side of life. Well, on the show, fans heard Tammy say that he traveled for eight hours from Winston-Salem. So clearly, he still lives where he lived with his wife. Redditors discussed the first time they heard that Jerry Sykes pretty much treats Tammy like a sexual take-away. In February 2020, people discussed the intimacy between them. One fan wrote, “She’s been with this guy for years online so I’m kinda happy he finally got to hit it lol.”

Still married in 2021?

One Redditor noted last year that Jerry’s sick wife still showed herself as married on her Facebook profile. So, we checked it out. And, in February 2021, her profile says she’s “divorced.” So probably, she and Jerry Sykes finally split. Plus, the only photo of him on her profile reveals a date of 2017. Of course, as her account’s private there might be others on her feed that fans don’t know about.

Terminally ill wife?

Aceshowbiz reported that when fans first tackled Tammy Slaton about dating a married man, that fans believed Kia Russell-Ryker Sykes was “terminally ill.” But, that might not be the case. Her recent profile photo from May last year reveals that she looks healthy enough and easily stood up while wearing a pretty dress. With all those kids around, it seems unlikely that she married and divorced someone other than Jerry Sykes in the last year. So, presumably, they split permanently sometime in the last 12 months.

What do you think about Jerry Sykes supposedly meeting Tammy Slaton’s family for the first time in the current season of 1000-LB Sisters? After all, if they previously “did the deed” a year ago, surely they must have known about him. Additionally, as it looks like he divorced, do you think this might become a long-term relationship for Tammy? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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