‘Bling Empire’ Anna Shay Forgets To Cash Netflix Checks

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It takes a special type of rich to get a check from Netflix…and forget to cash it. Well, that’s exactly what Anna Shay of Bling Empire did. Honestly, is anyone surprised?

‘Bling Empire’ star forgets to cash her check

Anna Shay is a very special woman. Honestly, she’s probably one of the most loved cast members on Bling Empire. Following her crazy life of riches and jewels, fans grow attached to her wacky ways and insane amounts of money. Now, she’s revealing she actually forgot to even cash her Bling Empire checks ScreenRant says.

Apparently, Anna was actually confused when the checks showed up to her house. She wasn’t sure what to do with them so she didn’t touch them. However, she got in trouble for not cashing them (Netflix has a budget to keep after all) so then she put them into savings where she hasn’t touched them since. Let’s be honest. The Bling Empire star will probably never touch them.

According to Anna, she doesn’t even feel like that money belongs to her. Instead, it belongs to the people who deal with her.

“I don’t think the money belongs to me. I think it belongs to the crew that had to put up with me.”

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Anna and her on-show feud

Would it really be a reality show if there was no feud going on? Anna Shay is apart of the Bling Empire feud. Her dueling partner? Christine Chiu. According to Christine though, this feud only exists for entertainment purposes. After all, there is a pandemic going on. There’s not much excitement elsewhere.

“Because people were very vested in talking about this rivalry and people got a chuckle and a giggle and gas out of how petty rich people can be and like these games we play on each other,” she says. “So from the entertainment value perspective, I think it was fabulous.”

According to Christine, she doesn’t even walk around as she is portrayed on the show.

“I walk around in sweats and Uggs. I blend in very well. You would not recognize me out of a crowd because I don’t wear couture everywhere,” Christine reveals.

So, it seems there may not really be a feud between Christine and Anna. However, fans must wait for a Season 2 of Bling Empire. Hopefully, Netflix will confirm that soon.

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