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‘VPR’ Fans Think Brittany Cartwright Already Had Her Baby

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VPR fans sent in their congrats to Brittany Cartwright on the birth of her baby. Well, lots of stars from the Bravo show fell pregnant around the same time. So, people wait for the news that some of them arrive. Actually, Stassi Schroeder already gave birth to her adorable little girl named Hartford Charlie Rose Clark. So, some Vanderpump Rules fans expressed their surprise that Brittany and Jax also named their child Hartford.

VPR fans congratulate Brittany Cartwright on her baby

On the weekend, one fan expressed some surprise about Jax and Brittany’s baby. They noted that the first name’s the same as that of Stassi and Beau. They wrote, “Wait… The same name as Stassi’s baby!?” Many other people commented on the baby arriving even though it seems a bit early. One of them commented, “Congratulations Brittany & Jax on the birth of your daughter wish you both all the happiness in the world as you start this new chapter of your lives together as first time parents 🎉😁👍🍾🎊.”

More congrats flooded in from VPR fans. One person noted, “Awww little Jax!!” And another one wrote, “Ohhhhhh cute congratulations Brittany and jax.” More comments came in like this one: ” Way to go … welcome to motherhood Britttany👍🎉, (sic).” But, there’s one major problem with all these nice, congratulatory comments about Brittany Cartwright and Jax’s baby. Brit never had her baby yet. So, why did fans think she already birthed their child?

Relax, Brittany never had her baby yet

When the Vanderpump Rules alum shared about a baby, it wasn’t her baby. And in the caption, she clearly stated that the baby she sat with belongs to Stassi.  She wrote, “We got to meet beautiful baby Hartford a couple days ago!! 🥰😍❤️… I’m so happy for you Stassi & Beau! She is so perfect and so so sweet!!” So obviously, many people don’t even read the captions. And that probably explains why so many rumors arise from Instagram.

However, when we wrote about the meetup between Brittany Cartwright and Stassi’s baby, lots of people congratulated the right person. So, it’s no wonder that so many VPR fans grew extremely frustrated by those who just assumed that Hartford’s actually Brittany’s baby. One person vented in Caps: “YA’LL THIS IS NOT HER BABY ITS STASSI’S LOL.” Actually, many people kept on telling other fans the same thing. But, to no avail. At least Brittany and Jax know that when they really have their baby, lots of people probably arrive to send in more congratulations.

VPR Fans Think Brittany Cartwright Already Had Her Baby
Credit: Brittany Cartwright | Instagram

People reported that Brittany only expects her baby in April. So, if you hear rumors that the VPR star Brittany Cartwright gave birth, they are not correct. She told the outlet that when she first tested positive as pregnant,” I cried, I laughed, we were just so happy!! Then I took three more tests and cried some more.”

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