‘Married at First Sight’: More Baby Mama Drama in Chris Williams’ Off-Camera Storyline

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight cast member Chris Williams is fast becoming one of the most notorious husbands to ever appear on the show. And that’s saying something given the fact that viewers just saw the weddings. What else is going on with Chris behind the scenes?

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams & Paige Banks Off to a Rough Start

In the most recent episode of Married at First Sight, the couples just had their weddings. And on top of that, they spent their first night together as married pairs. But right out of the gate, there were problems for new groom Chris Williams and his bride, Paige Banks.

Whether or not couples choose to be intimate on their wedding night is always up in the air with each new season. Because the husbands and wives are strangers, a lot of couples tend to wait. But that wasn’t the case with Chris Williams and Paige Banks. According to her, they were intimate twice. And things took a turn the following morning.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks
Married at First Sight: Chris Williams – Paige Banks/Lifetime

Tea Spilling About Chris

The latest Married at First Sight tea from the cousin of Chris’ ex-fiance alleges some shocking things about Chris Williams. The latest claims making the rounds say that Chris’ nuptials were a surprise to the entire family of his ex. Viewers keeping up with the off-camera drama know that Chris was engaged prior to appearing on the Lifetime matchmaking show.

And adding even more drama behind the scenes, his former fiance was pregnant with his child. Based on the latest claims, his ex’s family headed to the hotel to confront Chris about the situation. And allegedly, that’s why he was MIA for several hours – leaving his new wife to wonder where her husband went.

The cousin went on to claim that Chris cheated on Mercedes. And that even after he did that, they were still trying to work things out as of June 2020. There are a lot of rumors going around that this “other woman” was Chris’ side chick. But the cousin wanted to set the record straight – saying she was not his “mistress”.

Married at First Sight - Chris Williams
Married at First Sight – Chris Williams/Facebook

Married at First Sight Husband Already One of the Biggest Show Villains?

Even without all the off-camera drama playing out behind the scenes, Chris Williams is already one of the biggest show villains – according to many Married at First Sight watchers. After being intimate with Paige Banks more than once following their wedding, he told her he isn’t attracted to her.

As Married at First Sight watchers know, this is a line that many previous husbands used on their new wives – including Luke Cuccurullo and Zach Justice. And as viewers know, both of those Lifetime marriages crashed and burned on their respective seasons. Some claims going around suggest that Chris and Paige stay together on Decision Day. But based on everything going on in current episodes, things don’t look good for the new couple.

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