Maddie Brown’s Daughter Evie Hates Cameras

Maddie Brown Daughter Evie - Son Axel

Maddie Brown’s daughter Evie hates cameras, but hopefully, she grows out of it soon. After all, the newest addition to the Sister Wives‘ family likely spends a lot of time in front of them in years to come. The cute little toddler let everyone know her feelings when her mom and dad posed for a photo this weekend. Meanwhile, big brother Axel seems relaxed with photos these days.

Maddie Brown – Daughter Evie K hides from the camera

Remember when the Outdaughtered family struggled with five little girls and the cameras? Adam battled with them as they wandered off, others cried, and some clearly hated posing for photos. In fact, he used Uncle Dale Mills to corral them all in one frame. And in 2019, fans noticed that Parker clearly hated the cameras. In fact, a lot of TLC fans complained that Adam and Danielle shouldn’t force her to appear if it makes her anxious. All the girls became used to it now. A bit like Axel from Sister wives.

On Sunday, February 7, Maddie Brown took to her Instagram and shared how Evie avoids the camera these days. She captioned it with, “We…graduated to Axel being a sport for photos and Evie is NOT having it! 😅” Sure enough, her one-year-old turned her face away from the camera and hid it behind her mother’s hair and shoulder. In the comments, many people spoke about similar problems with their kids.

Little kids avoid cameras at a certain age

These days, little kids often pose for photos. Or they become used to their doting mothers forever pointing the camera at them. Social media and smartphones make an ideal situation for capturing those special moments with the kids. In time, some of them become so used to it that they learn that false smile very young. Or, like Tori Roloff’s son Jackson, they turn on the cheese at the right time. But most of them seem to go through a camera-shy stage.

From what Maddie Brown said in her caption, clearly, Axel also went through an aversion to cameras at one stage. One TLC fan said in Maddie’s comments section, “I have the same problem. I wonder what age they finally get on the same page 😆.” And another one noted, “There always has to be the “one”! 🤣” Fortunately. it seems that kids just go through a “phase,” and several fans said their kids also do the same thing as Evie and Axel. One of them always hides away and hates the camera.

Maddie Brown Daughter Evie Hates Cameras
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

Best ways to photograph camera-shy kids

Maddie Brown from Sister Wives certainly isn’t alone with her camera-shy daughter Evie. In fact, the House Of Rose Blog notes three tips for dealing with it. The outlet explains how their own daughter loved getting her photos taken. But after a while, “she wanted absolutely nothing to do” with it. While kids go through that phase:

  • “Embrace the chaos awesomeness of your reality.”
  • “Immerse yourself in their world.”
  • “Take in the entire scene.”
  • “Resort to pictures of them sleeping.”

And don’t forget, even the camera-shy photos of kids like Maddie Brown’s daughter Evie one day make for wonderful memories. Not every photo needs to be perfect.

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